Free Password Managers for iPhone and iPad

So many websites, banking, applications and more login details to remember every day. Not easy for all, that is the reason we have Password Manager Apps to reduce the amount of passwords that we should remember. How about Free Password Managers for your iPhone and iPad ? We thought to come up with few best and free apps for your iOS devices to manage all your passwords at one place. Why spend money when you can get them free from App Store with best features and security. There are some good security practices that we must follow in order to prevent password hacking.

A Strong Password must be lengthy, should include Alpha, Numeric characters and symbols. Also the user must change the password once a month or soon for better security. Following these practices also has one big trouble, which is remembering that complex password that we set every time for our web and banking accounts.


To make this task easier, we can use a Password Manager in our iPhone or iPad and avoid forgetting it every time. This way we can also set a very strong password and experience better security than before. What are some important things you should remember while choosing a password manager ? Well, make sure they have military grade encryption in place to protect all your saved passwords, well integrates with Safari, Google Chrome browsers installed in your iPhone or iPad.

Finally compatibility with other devices that you normally use, such as Macbook, iMac (OS X) and iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (iOS Devices).

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