Clef brings Password Less Two Factor Authentication System

Clef is a simple and intelligent way to implement Password less Two Factor Authentication. It is secure, fast and easy to setup on your websites. Clef App is currently available for iPhone and Android. It works just like QR Code Scanning and allows you to login to your website in a second. Clef currently available for WordPress blogs, Hosting Providers and Developers. Clef Database never stores your private key or passwords. So even if Clef Database is compromised, hackers will get access to the Public Key only. Your website logins and passwords totally safe. You should really keep your smartphone safe from thieves after deploying clef security authentication.

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We will see how clef works, and how secure it is than a traditional username and password on your website in this article. Also, some extra notes about Clef Security and Implementation on any website. You can use Clef to login on your facebook, twitter and any other social media accounts as well. Lets see how they work.

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