Best Websites and Resources to Learn Ethical Hacking

Hacking means Innovating and in Computers, Hacking always misunderstood as stealing other people passwords, facebook accounts and gmail passwords. Breaking into some one’s computer is not hacking, and it falls under the category Cracking and Crime. When you learn hacking, you will be able to protect yourself from Spying, Identity Theft and get better Privacy on Internet.

Most of us understand the importance of security and learning about hacking, only after being victimized for Data Theft, Identity Theft, Email Hacking or some hacker’s spy on all activity without our knowledge.


Learn Hacking and know how Hackers compromise Computers, Networks and Websites. When you learn hacking, it will help you protect yourself, your family and your environment by following correct set of practices and security measures.

We are connected to Internet for most of the time in a day through Computers, Mobiles and Tablets. Internet is becoming our primary mode of communication personally and for business purposes as well. Learning how to stay safe online and what are the possible problems that could happen to anyone via Internet, how hackers operate, what are the countermeasures if you are hacked will definitely be helpful in this Era.

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