100 USD Laptops for Indian Students Ready to Dispatch

one laptop per child

To improve the computer literacy rate in India govt have taken so many initiatives in the past few years. Its been 7 years almost since the work to manufacture the laptops for india students studying in Schools. The laptops are ready to roll out from next week across the country to let every one to […]

Sothink SWF Decompiler SWF to FLA/FLEX

swf decompiler

Sothink have released its new Sothink SWF Decompiler that decompiles SWF to FLA/FLEX. Sothink is one famous software provider for both Mac and Windows platform when it comes to SWF Decompiler software. It is one of the leading flash decompiler software available in the market. If you are searching for a Flash to HTML 5 […]

Amazon Silk – Revolutionary Cloud Accelerated Mobile Web Browser


Amazon to introduce a new Cloud Accelerated Mobile web browser named Amazon Silk. This ultimate new browser comes with Amazon Kindle Fire once its released on mid of november this year. Amazon Silk is a split browser architecture built one that accelerates the power of the mobile device hardware by using the computing speed and […]

Amazon will Loose 50 USD for every Kindle Fire Sold

amazon kindle fire

  Amazon unveiled its new generation Ebook Reader with much more multimedia capabilities which we felt missing while comparing it with iPad. Ofcourse comparing the ebook reader with a tablet is not at all correct. Amazon has took one step further to add certain nook ebook reader features + iPad as well to increase the […]

Amazon Kindle Fire Specification Revealed

amazon kindle fire

Update: Amazon Kindle Fire Giveaway Amazon to come up with its all new Kindle named Kindle Fire with 7 inch screen size and you know what ? its going to run an Android Operating System in it. Which is really a great news for android fans and Kindle lovers who are waiting to buy their […]

Windows 8 and Windows 7 Simple Comparison


Microsoft’s product version will be generally compared using their speed and the GUI. With their recent release of Windows 8 Developer Edition, its been clearly stated that their upgrade is purely focusing the speed there by avoiding the user a long wait in front of their machine during the boot, transfer, archiving and so on. […]

Windows 8 Loaded with 300+ Features

windows 8

Very recent and at the same time very viral information on the tinsel town is all about Windows 8 beta version and a free developer preview download. It is initially shocking to the public to get a developer preview from Microsoft as a free download. Hope we all know Microsoft and windows as the leading […]