HOW TO: Auto Backup Photos and Media to Google+ in Windows or Mac OS ?


Google slowly making its moves to let more people use Google+, its social networking website. They also merge several services to Google+, so that existing users will also visit the social networking website by Google. One thing i really liked about Google+ is .gif support, which works great for funny clips and other interesting animations. […]

MaxCDN New Plans Update and 25% Coupon Code


MaxCDN new monthly plans and pricing got an update recently. MaxCDN had two plans earlier which was Starter and Business. Recent changes and addition of new plans gives its users more bandwidth and better flexible plan. There are no offers right now, but we have a maxcdn coupon code and you can save minimum $22.50 […]

MaxCDN Coupon Code 25% Discount [NEW]


Your website speed sucks? Loading slow even on Broadband Connection? You will definitely loose visitors and conversions as well. High speed websites always rank well in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. MaxCDN serves all your website static contents such as, PHP files, JScript files, CSS files and most importantly Images of any size […]

Best Free Photo Editing Softwares For Windows

photo editing software

A photo editing software is much needed by photographers and photo editors. Because of this software, images can become more interesting with the variety of effects that can become easily applicable. There are various software programs of this type that has also become available. Among the top photo editing software around are Adobe and Corel. […]

5 Free Online Image Resizing Tools


When we take snaps in digital camera, it may have size of minimum 2 Mega bytes. Its bit tough to view it at the receiver side when they try to download it from email, that we have sent. To reduce the size and resize the image as per our choice, we may use any of […]