How to Deal with Fake Facebook Profile or Account?

report delete fake facebook profile

Anyone can create a fake facebook profile or account with temporarily created email address, false or copied profile information in minutes. If you have ever been a victim of fake facebook profile that ruined your credibility, trust among your business contacts and created other unnecessary problems, then we have some suggestions to help you, how […]

How to Embed Facebook Videos on Blogs and Websites?


Facebook has recently rolled out one of the most wanted feature that allows bloggers to embed facebook videos on blogs and websites. Facebook always wanted a huge piece of Video Streaming Website shares and facebook users enjoy watching videos shared to their facebook timeline. Youtube the popular video streaming website started to feel the competition […]

How to Block or Remove Facebook Message Seen Notification?


When you chat with your friends or non friends in facebook messages, there is a feature that notifies the other person whether you have opened and seen that message or not. Facebook Message seen notification can be turned off if you already have Adblock Plus installed in your desktop or laptop browser. Google chrome has […]

Facebook Groups App for iPhone, iPad and Android Released


Facebook has released a dedicated app for Group Chats called “Facebook Groups” on iTunes App Store and Google Play Store today. Facebook says 700 million users are using groups every month so a dedicated app will help groups to organize and communicate effectively from anywhere. This standalone application available from today on both major mobile […]

How to Check Who Visited Your Facebook Profile ?


It was an excellent feature of Orkut, where you can see who viewed your orkut profile page when you login to your account. Facebook from the start didnt add such feature in the name of better privacy of users. Still there is a way to find who visited your profiles recently. Facebook source code viewing […]

HOW TO: Opt Out from Google+ Email Anyone Feature ?


On January 10th 2013 Google announced an update to its Google+ platform “Reach more people you know” and that puts the privacy of GMail users in trouble. You will receive mails from anyone using Google+ who dont know your email address before. Such emails come to your inbox and when you receive emails from people […]

Tips to Keep your Internet Activity Private [Infographic]


We all know that there is nothing called 100% being anonymous when you are connected to Internet. There is always a chance of you leaving some kind of information about your internet usage with your Internet Service Provider, Browser Software, the websites you visit and so on. The recent NSA spying on world internet traffic […]