• santhosh Bv

    I’m going to send message to my friends.. Thank for the post..

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      Enjoy the feature @google-12d8b881ff58d8fa6ae3fbd43d8c7577:disqus and keep on sharing with us. Cheers!!!

  • http://tech2hell.com Vincent Raja

    Yes its pretty Cool steps for newbies..
    Well ROBINFANCLUB@Gmail.com? Wow… Grt :) @arvindhanp:disqus  

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      Thanks for you comments @jinuem:disqus 

  • Leonard Burdulea

    nice one.. but a little complicated for all of us… not everyone knows this trick

  • http://pixhome.blogspot.com/ Anand

    simple and well explained tut :) 

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    Nice post Bro….. 

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    thumbs up ! :)