Rockmeit Browser Review and Invitations

Rockmelt a Web Browser based on Google Chromium Source and best suited for Social Networking addicts. This has seamless Facebook and Twitter integration that allows you to tweet and share your favorite status updates with just a click. Here is an introduction of Rockmelt web browser by the founder.

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You will feel the google chrome while using rockmelt browser. The best news is, now Mac users can also enjoy this Google Chromium based web browser with pretty much fast navigation and social media ready. Rockmelt has all the Google chrome features plus its own facebook, twitter components. This social web browser ofcourse, remind me Flock which is based on Firefox (mozilla). One of the famous social web browser.

Currently rockmelt available only under invitation. You cannot download without an invitation and continue reading this post, we have 3 invites left to share 1 with you. The browser prompts for your Facebook credentials to start at the first time. This also makes your facebook chat ready once you logged in. Not just facebook chat, you may also update your facebook status by clicking on left top corner button.

Overall, Rockmelt really rocks ever social media user :) especially Facebook and Twitter users. For a blogger this browser is one of the coolest browser ever. You will see a more detailed usage guide after installing it in your windows or mac os platform.

Free Rockmelt Invites

Rockmelt Invites

So how will i get my Rockmelt invitations ? here we have, 3 invites for people who share this article either in Facebook or Twitter. Leave the url after sharing it with your social networking site and we will send you the invites before Saturday midnight. This invite giveaway ends on Saturday Evening 06.00 PM [IST]. So hurry up, comment the link soon to get your invite ;) Happy surfing..

  • Vincent

    oops.. where is sharing Button? anyhow i shared in facebook

  • ha14
    • Robin

      It says the status doesnt exist. Please retweet once again or check the status link mentioned here.

  • Maverick

    Shouldn’t it be “rockmelt” instead of “rockmeit”? or is it really “rockmeit”?

    • Robin

      Thanks for the correction maverick. I made a mistake… corrected it just now.


      • Maverick

        Ah, okie. No Problem. Btw, have you heard any news of a Linux version?

  • ajeet

    i will try when it will be free.. :)

  • Julio

    Please send me an invitation if you still have.!/lynchblue

  • Siva

    Should check …
    @vishwanath : chitti dance rox :)

  • ibheck

    very interisting, please invite me :D!/ibheck/status/4201963503755264

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    Hi, I’d love to have an invite for Rockmelt. Here’s my retweet link!/BasicBlogTips/status/4343416464867328

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  • Nihar


    I am curious to know as to how you got the 3 invitations?

    • Robin

      @nihar, i got it from one of my friend :)

  • Matthew Robinson

    Hello my name is Matthew Robinson, I wondering if you could spare a RockMelt Invite, please, thanks for taking the time to read this. From Matthew Robinson.

    This is my e-Mail:

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      H Matthew, I gave added all my 3 invites to DailyTUT Retweet Giveaway. So please retweet or share this link in your facebook and add the link here. I will be happy to count you in the draw.


  • Sathish @ TechieMania

    Hi Robin,

    I don’t care about what others say, but IMO rockmelt is the worst browser I have seen. It ruined my browsing experience for the whole one hour when I used it.

  • S.Pradeep Kumar [HBB]

    Though I have seen the word ‘Rockmelt’ hundreds of times on Twitter and Facebook, still I haven’t tried to use it.. :|

  • Nasif

    Need an invitation :(

  • Rohit | Ipod Touch 4G

    I wud say it’s more a Social Networking app den a browser specially made for Facebook and Twitter…..It has many errors slow load-up and sometimes gets hang..I do not recommend it for daily use until now…

  • viper

    have many invites left wid me…
    ne 1 interested…mail me da fb id…

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    can any1 send me the invitation ??


    plz……………send me invitation……………………… id is!/profile.php?id=100000314418582

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  • TechVista

    hey i too hope to try rockmelt. if you any invitation left please share with me.

  • Wilson Wilasan

    I´d to receive a invitation… to get the new world!

  • Izac

    can send an invitation to me?… t.q