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Community Guidelines

Use Correct Forum – Make sure you are Creating a Topic in correct forum. Moderators will help you in moving the topic to appropriate forum if you have posted in wrong one. Still your co-operation on posting it in correct section is required.

Search for Answers – Before you click on “Ask a Question” make sure you did a Search for already created answers to avoid double post. Our super duper Moderators will always be there to redirect you to the correct solved topic if its already exist, before starting to enjoy solving your Question.

One Account per User – We allow only one Account per User, and if you dont remember your Login Credentials, then try Forgot Password feature or give a search in your Mail box before creating a new account at DailyTUT Answers.

Avoid Trolling – Before jumping on Android or Apple fans, make sure you are not abusing them with the power of words you know to type on your keyboard. We request you to avoid such behaviors and make this community a better place to learn new things and not just words.

No Piracy / Illegal Contents – Immediate User, Email and IP Ban will come to effect if we spotted any Pirated Software, Warez, Malware, Pornography Contents, Phishing Pages containing links or pages used in the Topic.

Posting Videos – We allow every Users to post Youtube videos which will help users to SOLVE their Questions in a better way. Soon we will bring more Video Services support let you embed and share to answer the questions with a reply.

No Website or Product Promotion – If you post any Referral Links, Product Promotional Links, or Website address that just uses for Advertisement your post will be removed and Warning will be issued by a Moderator. Second time, will be a direct Ban on your account.

Warning – Avoid Topics or Replies that promotes hatred speech on the grounds of color, race, religion, sexual orientation or any other grounds that are unacceptable and forbidden.

We will update this Rules in coming days when necessary. Thanks for your time, reading the Rules and helping to build this as a better community.

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