How to Clear WhatsApp Cache on iPhone?

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    Is it possible to delete WhatsApp cache on iPhone? Recently, my WhatsApp storage started to go higher. How do I clear the WhatsApp cache on my iPhone to free up space? Several users asked this question recently, and it is essential to understand that, unlike Telegram messenger, WhatsApp doesn’t provide a direct method to clear the WhatsApp cache on an iPhone.

    WhatsApp Cache Clear iPhone

    Telegram messenger on iPhone allows clearing cache inside Storage and Data settings. But with WhatsApp Storage and Data settings, we can only delete media contents from Chats and Groups.

    WhatsApp also provides an easy option to delete larger than 5MB files, media and attachments we have received or sent between our contacts. You may also like to Read the best WhatsApp Messenger Alternative Apps.

    That includes Photos and videos sent and received with your WhatsApp contacts.

    Clear WhatsApp Cache on iPhone

    As explained in the following video recently in our channel, deleting WhatsApp media that is not necessary to be stored in your storage frees up the cache on your iPhone.

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    Even though we don’t have a straight option to delete WhatsApp cache on iPhone, managing our media is the best way to free up space and let WhatsApp function smoothly.

    One more essential tip to remember is to delete old WhatsApp backups in iCloud if you already have one and take a fresh backup to upload a reduced-size WhatsApp Backup to your iCloud account.

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