iOS 18 Release Date and Compatible iPhone models?

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    Robin C

    When is the iOS 18 Release date expected? Is my iPhone model compatible with iOS 18? What iPhones will get iOS 18? These are the questions widely asked by iPhone users right now. Apple announced the iOS 18 developer beta and a host of new features on iPhone and iPad.

    Developer Beta is released to developers to let them test their apps and add new features based on available APIs and SDKs.

    iOS 18 Release Date

    Installing iOS 18 on your primary iPhone or iPad is not recommended. App crashes, sudden restarts, and poor battery performance of iPhones are some of the widely known issues reported in beta releases.

    iOS 18 Release Date

    Based on previous iOS releases, I expect the iOS 18 release date to be around 3rd or 4th week of September. Once the next generation iPhone models are released by the 2nd week of September.

    iPhone 16 models will ship with iOS 18, and all other compatible iPhone models will be released around the same time or a bit earlier than the next generation iPhone release.

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    iOS 18 Compatibility List

    So, to answer the question, What iPhones will get iOS 18? Here is the list of iPhones that are compatible with iOS 18.

    Apple is being generous this year by making all iOS 17 running iPhones compatible and here are the iOS 18 supported devices list.

    • iPhone¬†15
    • iPhone¬†15¬†Plus
    • iPhone¬†15¬†Pro
    • iPhone¬†15¬†Pro¬†Max
    • iPhone¬†14
    • iPhone¬†14¬†Plus
    • iPhone¬†14¬†Pro
    • iPhone¬†14¬†Pro¬†Max
    • iPhone¬†13
    • iPhone¬†13¬†mini
    • iPhone¬†13¬†Pro
    • iPhone¬†13¬†Pro¬†Max
    • iPhone¬†12
    • iPhone¬†12¬†mini
    • iPhone¬†12¬†Pro
    • iPhone¬†12¬†Pro¬†Max
    • iPhone¬†11
    • iPhone¬†11¬†Pro
    • iPhone¬†11¬†Pro¬†Max
    • iPhone¬†XS
    • iPhone¬†XS¬†Max
    • iPhone¬†XR
    • iPhone¬†SE
      (2nd generation or later)

    Starting from the iPhone SE 2nd generation, iPhone XR and XS models are also compatible with iOS 18 this year.

    But beware of bugs. I suggest waiting until iOS 18.1 comes out and then updating your iPhone or iPad for a better, stable experience. More bugs will be fixed, and features will be fine-tuned to make it work much better than the initial iOS 18 release date version.

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    Downgrade iOS 18 to iOS 17

    Watch before updating to iOS 18 beta right now on your iPhone. Don’t be too excited with the iOS 18 features, as you may be unable to roll back or downgrade iOS 18 to iOS 17 if things go south.

    Do share your thoughts in the comments. Have a wonderful day.

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