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30 Non Stop Entertaining HD Games for iPad 2

Download Angry Birds Space today and experience new levels and thrilling moments in Space. Apple has released The New iPad, and maximum of the games listed here are compatible with the new iPad. These games will have an amazing graphics in the new iPad as it got new Processor and Graphic chipset to give you the best gaming experience in tablet.

Apple iPad 2 stands out as the best tablet ever launched because of its User Interface. Its the habit of apple to bring any device with much focus towards its UI. They gave the excellence to iPod Touch at first, then iPhone and finally with iPad. After huge success with iPad, apple has developed iPad 2 with more advancement in processor, memory and size as well. When you need entertainment with your iPad 2, then you must try out some extra ordinary games available.

Here we have 30 non stop entertaining HD Games for iPad 2. We have listed only paid games that gives excellent gaming experience with your ultimate worlds advanced tablet iPad 2. Go through the list and download your favorite game today.


Some of the games are available for free and some of them are paid versions. You can download all the games from iTunes by using the link provided under each heading.

Battle field: Bad Company 2

Battle Field is one of the best ipad 2 game for mission lovers and it gives a real fighting experience in your iPad 2 with the crystal clear graphics. Each level has a unique concept and gives you a better gaming interface in your iPad 2. (Download Here)



FIFA is one of the best sports game for iPad 2. I too a big fan of football. I played all the PC versions and I love the recent release by EA Games for PC. I didn’t tried this at iPad 2 but sure it will rock at a HD view in your iPad 2. (Download Here)


Transformers: Dark of the Moon

 Transformers is one of my favorite movie ever. No doubt, that it stands in the row of best action game for iPad 2. The game is entirely challenging and you feel some difference from story of the movie but its worth for playing. (Download Here)



Alice: Madness Returns

Alice is from famous game developer EA. If you havent watched Alice in Wonderland movie, then check that out first before downloading this game. You will love this game if you like adventure type of games generally. One of the best adventure game for iPad 2. The game is entirely based on a girl and she is a part of a mission. It has excellent graphic and animation that gives best HD experience in your iPad 2. (Download Here)


Dead Space

Dead Space is an another excellent game from EA which has a unique concept and gives a different environment in your game. The concept of the game is really unique and gives  you a better gaming experience. (Download Here)


SHIFT 2 Unleashed

Shift 2 Unleashed gives you an excellent racing experience with your iPad 2. Best Racing game for iPad 2. NFS is one of the most game for car racers. I’m a big fan of NFS Most Wanted and i play often when i find free time. So for race lovers this gives an extra-ordinary experience in your iPad 2. (Download Here)


Battle Ship

Battle Ship is a best HD game for your iPad 2. Initially there is a map which gives you information about the missions. You need to travel in your ship to complete the missions in the game. Graphics in the game is really good. (Download Here)


Assassins Creed: Altair’s Chronichles

Assassins Creed is my all time favorite game. One of the best action packed game that you can find for any platform (playstation, pc, xbox etc.,). It gives a real mission experience in your iPad 2. If you are fan of Assassins Creed surely you must give a try it in your iPad. (Download Here)


Anomaly Warzone Earth

Anomaly Warzone Earth is yet another addictive venture for mission lovers. It gives a best gaming interface in your iPad 2 and have lot of exciting features in it. Theme of this game is to carefully lead your team into the mission and it has groundbreaking visual effects in fights. So surely you will enjoy this in your iPad. (Download Here)


Real Racing 2

This game is addictive for race lovers. It gives extra ordinary visual and sound effects in your iPad 2. It covers many stages and gives a better racing experience in your iPad 2. For those who tired with mission and war games try this out surely it will be mind blowing. (Download Here)


Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds is one of the rock star game with iPhone when its launched. Then it slowly moved to other platforms like Android, Windows and so on. Rovio Mobile app developers became famous after they launched this awesome game. You may also try out Angry Birds Rio to play more newly added levels in your iPad 2. (Download Here)


Aralon: Sword and Shadow

Aralon sword and shadow is one of the best 3D like HD game for iPad 2. It has gorgeous and dynamic 3D environments. Even it is a mission based game, it has old type of mission and you have some magical effects to do. (Download Here)


Dungeon Hunter 2

 Dungeon Hunter 2 is one of the dark fantasy game for your iPad 2. You need to discover enormous world of Gothicus and complete different types of quests and missions. Highlight of the game is you can create your own characters to start your mission. (Download Here)


Eternal Legacy

 Eternal Legacy is yet another mind blowing HD game for your iPad 2. You will enter into a huge world full of cinematic experiences. It gives a dynamic rotation in iPad based on chasing and fighting. You will have a mix of fantasy and sci-fi fights using swords and guns. (Download Here)


Lord of the Rings

Lord of the rings is one of the award winning movie in holly wood and you can experience the same action in your iPad too. In story mode you can play through 18 levels in 7 unique 3D environments. It gives a larger view of battle field and best HD playing experience in your iPad 2. (Download Here)


Star Front Collision

The best real time strategy game for ipad 2 is at your finger tips. It is a gorgeous HD game with 4-Multiplayer support. The game is entirely based on planet sinistral where the precious resources are protected by aliens and you need to take all the resources from them. (Download Here)


Prince of Persia: Warrior

Prince of Persia is one of the best movie in hollywood and the game is also an extraordinary one. It gives a real fighting experience and awesome HD graphical background in your iPad 2. It has 12 chapters in HD version and gives you a best gaming experience. (Download Here)


Spider-man: Total Mayhem

Spider-man is yet another successful holly wood movie. The game is fully packed with fantastic fun and it offers the speed and notch of action game with vibrant colors and characters of a comic book. You can play totally 12 level in high definition graphical experience. (Download Here)


GT-Racing: Motor Academy

GT-Racing is one of the exciting racing game ever and highlight it is available for free. You can enjoy the best racing experience in your iPad 2. Totally you have 25 manufacturers and 107 top cars to be unlocked in this game. You can unlock all the cars in a lightning speed. (Download Here)


Glow Hockey 2

Glow hockey is a simple games which gives a different atmosphere from mission and racing environments. Your iPad will started glowing and gives a different dimension to your gaming experience. A very simple hockey game in a different visual. (Download Here)

glow hockey20

Madden NFL 11

This is for NFL freaks and those who need a change from their regular games. You can experience the visualization in electrifying detail. It gives a high definition experience to weather effects and even you can see the blades of grasses on the field. (Download Here)


Asphalt 6: Adrenaline

 Asphalt is a quite different racing game in which you can play both bike and car races. You can play this game in online with your friends and it can support upto 6-multiplayers in online. You have totally 11 different leagues and 55 events in this game. (Download Here)



Backstab is based on a mission in an island. You need deadly fighting skills to protect yourself from your enemy. Island is fully a 3D environment and it gives a clear detail to every objects around you. You need to find quests and secrets from 4-unique cities in the game. (Download Here)


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty

Captain America is one of the successful hollywood movie running now.Extreme action and extraordinary graphics gives you a best fighting experience in your iPad 2. Totally game have 24 levels and tons of extra features added to the new version which gives you a massive game play experience. (Download Here)


Xtreme Wheels

Xtreme wheels is a wildest two-wheel ride in your iPad 2. In a 3D environment you balance and speed your ride in different objects of a room. You need to ride on a challenging objects like explosive barrels, pipelines, etc. You have 20 physics based obstacles in this game. (Download Here)


Sid Meier’s Pirates!

Sid Meier’s Pirates is one of the high-seas adventure game for your iPad 2. You have 27 highly customizable ships and everything you can experience in a 3D environment. You can piratize your own picture using your iPad camera. (Download Here)


Reckless Gateway

Reckless gateway is a simple racing game with lot of extremely challenging tracks. You have realistic crashes in car damage also you can experience HD gaming experience in a challenging environment. You have some crazy stunts to do in between the tracks. (Download Here)


HTR (High Tech Racing)

High Tech Racing is a slot car racing simulator. It is a virtual version of the classic toy of 80’s and 90’s. It offers 3 different difficulty level and 18 tracks that includes several challenges like loops, jumps and high speed curves. (Download Here)



Infinity Blade

 A high resolution old age mission game for your iPad 2. It gives a real fighting experience and provides lot of exciting moves in your fights. You can experience spectacular 3D  environments in your iPad 2. (Download Here)


GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City is one of the best game for PC and it has lot of secret missions available at all the levels. Best part of the game is you have lot of cheat codes to enable and disable weapons, to change weather conditions, to escape from police, etc. Surely you will have an incredible HD gaming experience in your iPad 2. (Download Here)


Thanks for reading. Please drop your comments and suggestions about this article. I have listed some of the best HD Games for iPad and iPad 2 here. If you find any games that you have enjoyed is missing out from this list then please do share the name in comment below.

Also, you may share the article in Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to let more iPad 2 users enjoy this.

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