Best Apple iPhone SE/5S Battery Cases to Buy

FindaGift iPhone SE Battery Case 4000 mAh

Another iPhone SE Battery case that brings you 4000 mAh battery capacity addition to your compact iPhone. Very well compatible for iPhone 5S and 5 models. Not much reviews from existing buyers, but this one has decent reviews for its store front overall and its product quality. So i thought to recommend it here for you today.

Case is designed to be light weight and features rubberised support pads on the interior for drops and hard falls. Protects your iPhone and provides twice the amount of battery juice than what your iPhone SE has inside.

iphone se battery case findagift

iphone se battery cases findagift amazon

This case also has internal chip designed to protect it from overheating, short circuiting and other over charging problems. Comes in Black color and has 4 LED Light indicators in the rear end with a switch to check how much battery juice left in the case.

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