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Apple iTablet or iSlate ? Mac Lovers are so Hungry

Apple Inc, yet to announce its new product Apple Tablet pc. No one knows whether the name is going to be iTablet or iSlate… but across the web there are lots of rumors spreading about the release of its design and name. Steve Jobs few days back said in a meet with press, people may expect the release of Apple Tablet in June, 2010. Due to some minor issues with the battery life time and display the release actually delayed till June, this year. Its a sad news for Apple and Mac lovers where the expectation on the product is very high.

I recently bought an IPod Touch 3rd Generation, 64 GB and its simply the best. This is my first apple product and a perfect gadget that shares my work when i go to seminars and class sessions. As a Tech trainer, it serves me great with its awesome features. The apple tablet is expected to be priced between 40k to 60k in Indian Rupees. That is 600 $ to 1000$ in US.

The New Apple Tablet is expected to have built in Camera (probably 2 cams), USB and DVD Writer within that entirely Slim Device.. i cant imagine even 🙂 anyhow i cant wait to see the release and to own one within this year.

“Apple will come out with the tablet and blow everyone away,” said Ackerman. “Instead of taking along a Kindle and an iPod, that could become the device you carry with you.”

Not just that, Apple must also jump in to create campaigns where the facts and possibilities can reach many people. Because millions of computer users have no idea what is mac, what it can do and how it makes their work much easier than other Operating Systems.

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