Apple Macbook Air 2015 Model Space Gray, Gold and Silver 3D Photos

All these rendered images looks stunning and the Macbook Air 12 Inch Space Gray model is definitely going to be a big seller once it hits the store. Apple may release Macbook Air 12 inch model in mid 2015 with design and hardware changes. Its been long time since Macbook Air has got refresh in its design, based on leaked reports, the next macbook air will get 12 inch screen size, Intel Broadwell processor powered and get super thin and lighter than current generation macbook air models.


We have published few macbook air 3D image renderings in our previous article, and today we have more stunning 3D images from Martin Hajek, the popular designer who actively sponsor 3D image renderings of iPhone and iPad models earlier.

Macbook Air 12 Inch 2015 Model

Apple Macbook Air is the best laptop for portability and productivity. You get excellent battery life all day to get your work done in single charge. People prefer Macbook Air over iPad Air because of OS X. Both are productivity beasts, and its upto the user to choose, based on Apps and how their work should get done.

Based on leaked reports from internal sources at apple, 9to5mac rendered few images recently to showcase the Macbook Air 12 inch model in silver color. The famous 3D designer Martin Hajek is back with images of how Macbook Air 2015 model will look at stores once its launched in three different colors (Space Gray, Silver and Gold). There is no reports to confirm whether apple will release the Macbook Air 12 inch model in Gold color, personally i feel its OK but not great painted on Macbook Air.

The Gold or Champagne color came with iPhone 5S initially looked stunning. The iPhone 6 gold color was kind of not attracting to me because of that white antenna stripe. But with iPad Air 2 the gold looked really decent without any white stripes on the back. So may be Macbook Air 12 inch Gold Color model will be a hit if its announced by Apple. Without waiting time, lets checkout the all new Macbook Air 12 Inch 2015 model image renderings.

12-inch-macbook-air-17 12-inch-macbook-air-16 12-inch-macbook-air-15 12-inch-macbook-air-14 12-inch-macbook-air-13 12-inch-macbook-air-12 12-inch-macbook-air-11 12-inch-macbook-air-9 12-inch-macbook-air-8 12-inch-macbook-air-7 12-inch-macbook-air-6 12-inch-macbook-air-5 12-inch-macbook-air-4 12-inch-macbook-air-3 12-inch-macbook-air-2 12-inch-macbook-air-1

These are definitely going to be favorite laptop for many once its released in mid 2015 as reports claim. Specially that Macbook Air Space Gray model going to be in demand on most of the countries. Remember the Macbook Pro Black Color model? it was discontinued by apple quickly and mostly its like Limited Edition Macbook Pro. I read somewhere that Mark Zuckerberg owns one of that macbook pro black color edition.

Anyhow, do share this post with your friends and followers. Also, tell us which is your favorite color for macbook air 12 inch 2015 model in the comment box below. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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