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Apple Inc developing products with so much appealing look and to give a totally different experience than what they get from PC. The series of products like, The iPhone followed by iPod Touch, iPad, iPod Nano Shuffle are with multitouch technology. Here is another brand new product of apple. Its the Magic Mouse for Mac Desktop.  It is the world’s first mouse with multi-touch facility. And while it comes standard with every new iMac, you can also add it to any Mac with Blue tooth wireless technology for a Multi-Touch makeover.

Multi-touch Surface

The sleek size and shining surface shows the difference from other mouses, it brings a whole new feel to the way you get around on your Mac. You can’t help but marvel at its smooth, button less appearance. Then you touch it and instantly appreciate how good it feels in your hand. But it’s when you start using Magic Mouse that everything comes together.

The Multi-Touch area covers the top surface of Magic Mouse, and the mouse itself is the button. Scroll in any direction with one finger, swipe through web pages and photos with two, and click and double click anywhere. Inside Magic Mouse is a chip that tells it exactly what you want to do. Which means Magic Mouse won’t confuse a scroll with a swipe. It even knows when you are just resting your hand on it.

Laser-Tracking Engine

Magic Mouse uses powerful laser tracking that is far more sensitive and responsive on more surfaces than traditional optical tracking. That means it tracks with precision on nearly every surface  whether it’s a table at your favorite cafe or the desk in your home office  without the need of a mousepad.


Magic Mouse connects to your Mac via Bluetooth wireless technology, so there’s no wire or separate adapter to worry about. Pair Magic Mouse with your Mac and enjoy a reliable and secure connection up to 33 feet away. When you combine Magic Mouse with the Apple Wireless Keyboard, you create a workspace free of annoying cables.

And because Magic Mouse is wireless, it can venture beyond the confines of your desk. A quick flick of the on and off switch helps conserve battery power while Magic Mouse is tucked in your bag. Even when it’s on, Magic Mouse manages power efficiently, by detecting periods of inactivity automatically.

This magic mouse cost about $69. In Indian market it costs about INR 4000.

Gesture of Magic mouse


Magic Mouse is an advanced point and click mouse that lets you click anddouble click anywhere on its Multi-Touch surface

360° scroll:

Brush one finger along the Multi-Touch surface to scroll in any direction and to pan a full 360 degrees.

Screen Zoom:

Hold down the Control key on your keyboard and scroll with one finger on Magic Mouse to enlarge items on your screen.

Two Button Click:

Magic Mouse functions as a two-button mouse when you enable Secondary Click in System Preferences. Left-handed users can reassign left and right click, as well.

Two finger swipe:

Using two fingers, swipe left and right along the Multi-Touch surface to advance through pages in Safari or browse photos in iPhoto.

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