Where to Backup Live Photos Online from iPhone ?

Apple iCloud

Apple’s native Cloud Storage service that you can totally trust and upload the Live Photos for Syncing across your iOS devices and OS X as well. You can configure the Photo Sync option whenever you want inside “Settings – iCloud – Photos” in your iOS device.

apple icloud live photos

iCloud is definitely the best choice and should be your primary choice as you can setup automatic backup and sync photos across your iPhone, iPad and Mac computers for anytime, anywhere access. iCloud has 5 GB Free storage limit and you can always purchase extra iCloud storage right from the iCloud menu under settings. Apple has made it cheaper in their last iCloud pricing update approximately at the end of September 2015.

iCloud Pricing

50 GB – $0.99

200 GB – $2.99

1 TB – $9.99

You can also manually select the Live Photos and upload it to iCloud.com with an album name. You can then easily share those live photos with your friends or via private share link whenever you want. This way you can easily organize the Live Photos taken using iPhone 8.

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  1. Very useful. And the article really gets updated once Flickr and co support the live photos? Keeping an eye on it.

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