Where to Backup Live Photos Online from iPhone ?

Google Photos

The first third party service that supports Live Photos upload and backup from iPhone 8 and 8 Plus is Google Photos. This refreshed, redesigned wonderful online photo hosting service launched by Google in the end of 2015 and became popular among Android users. Ofcourse, many iPhone users who switched from Android are still using Google Photos App for iPhone. If you haven’t tried this unlimited photo uploading storage service for iPhone and iPad, then give it a try now.

google photos upload live photos

Free and Unlimited Photo Uploading term has a catch, which Google made it only for photos in High Quality that are also compressed and optimized once you uploaded to Google Photos. You can configure that option under Google Photos Settings tab.

All your photos are beautifully organized date wise and you can manage your photos albums in your iPhone, iPad and in the Web as well. Photo Assistant feature helps you create stories, animations, collages, panoramas, movies and more in few taps on the screen. Backup feature allows you to setup automatic backup and sync to upload all your photos from Camera Roll to your Google Photos Storage account.

Download Google Photos App for iPhone

We expect more leading photo sharing services to start support Live Photos in coming days. Such as Flickr, Dropbox Photos, Box.com and others. We will update this post when as they start supporting backup of Live Photos and mean time, you can try the suggested Photo Sharing services and suggestions to backup Live Photos taken using your iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

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  1. Very useful. And the article really gets updated once Flickr and co support the live photos? Keeping an eye on it.

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