Best Augmented Reality (AR) Apps for iPhone and iPad


If you are planning to remodel your Rooms and like to preview the design before making the changes, then PLNAR AR App is for you. Measure your Room, Add Structures, View Detailed measurements, Save your Room Plan and you are done. Now proceed with the material purchase and start remodeling your Room.

One App, just one App is all it takes with the help of AR and no more clunky tapes.

After remodeling is done through PLNAR App, you can generate an Augmented Reality Pro Report with complete Photos, 3D Model and CAD file for starting up the work. You can access those reports anytime from your PLNAR App and share them with your Designer or Construction company as well.

Some of the feature highlights of PLNAR App are, Creating 2D, 3D room plans, include and measure structures such as islands and stairs, Obtain wall surface area, combine multiple rooms into a single project, attach photos to a project and see a 3D view of your space.

This app provides In-App purchase, where you can pay the subscription fee of $99.99 per month only if you want to generate the reports after remodeling your room in AR. It’s more like, if you find it useful and ready to use the full potential of this app, then pay for it.

Price: $99.99 / month

Download: PLNAR App

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