Best Battery Cases for Apple iPhone 6/6S under $100

OtterBox Resurgence Battery Case for iPhone 6/6S

OtterBox is known for strong cases and covers that protect the iPhone from shocks and dusts. Their new category of battery cases for iPhone launched recently and they have the same OtterBox protection with more battery juice for your iPhone 6 and 6S now. Their pricing is affordable and you get the best otterbox quality case that also protects your iPhone from Drops and Dusts.

otterbox battery case iphone

The case has 2,600 mAh battery power to charge your iPhone 6/6S twice and auto stop charge feature technology saves power for later charging. LED indicator is available to know the power backup inside the case.

Colors: Black, Scarlet Red, Gunmetal Grey, Sage Green

Capacity: 2,600 mAh

Price: $55.17

Buy from Amazon: Otterbox Resurgence Battery Case

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