Best Battery Cases for Apple iPhone 6/6S under $100

PowerSuit Battery Case for iPhone 6/6S (MFI Certified)

I like this case mainly for its clean profile and slim design when you wear it on your iPhone 6 or 6S. You will notice good difference if you have used any battery cases previously that added bulk and heavy feel to your iPhone. This case got best ratings from existing users for its slim design and clean looking material choices.

Build quality is good and Powersuit battery case for iPhone 6 and 6S adds 120% extra battery life. It is an Apple MFi certified battery case for iPhone that ensures compatibility with Charge and Sync to your iTunes when connected to mac computer.

powersuit battery case iphone

Powersuit battery case for iPhone has some extra accessories inside the box that comes handy. The box includes Power Case, Belt Clip, Charging Cable and Audio Adapter. 4 levels of power indicator and one step installation makes this case stand out.

Colors: Black, White, Gold

Capacity: 120% extra charging

Price: $39.99

Buy from Amazon: Powersuit Battery Case for iPhone 6S

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