Best Internet Download Manager Apps for Mac OS X

iGetter Download Manager for Mac

This is another wonderful download manager software for Mac. iGetter for mac is a download accelerator that allows you to get the most out of your internet connection. No matter what type of connection you use (Wireless, Cable, Dialup, DSL or T1) you get best download speed utilizing the full download speed that your internet connection offers. It uses Segmented downloading method to download files from internet.


You can Resume on Broken file downloads, Based on various criteria you can queue the files and filter them to access easily. iGetter also allows you to auto resume the download if there is any interruption in Internet Connectivity. You can also auto hang up and automatically shutdown the computer once the file download completed. No more worries about downloading files when you are not in front of computer. iGetter can be your perfect internet download manager app for Mac OS.

You can Download iGetter from official website.

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