5 Best Productivity Apps for Mac OS X

When it comes to Productivity, Mac is a best choice. If you are a 24 x 7 worker and expecting even more productivity in your work then this article is for you. It is a common fact that, smart work is always better than hard work. So it is pretty much important that how smart you work. Especially when it comes to web based businesses, smart way of working is the only solution to increase your productivity. Today I’m going to suggest few applications for Mac OS X to boost your productivity.

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Even the applications look simple, it is really powerful when you implement it. It saves a lot of time from your normal way of work meantime the quality of your work increases as well. By using these applications the way of your work will get unique from others, and clients will be completely satisfied with your output. So let’s see what are the applications and how it increases your productivity.


TypeIt4Me is a best application for people who works with text. It is a text expanding application for Mac, in which you can predefine the words with abbreviations. So that instead of typing an entire word type the abbreviations to get that word. Initially it will take some time for you to practice and remember the abbreviations for words but when you expertise with this you can rock. It not only ends with words, you can insert phrases and even pictures for an abbreviation. So you can easily smartly complete your document. It is a must-have app for people who work most of the time with documents.



1Password is the best application to save passwords and confidential information across various platforms. For instance, you have a MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. Just install 1Password on all these devices and store all your login id and password with the website url. When you open your MacBook or work with iPhone or iPad, just login to the 1Password account and browse through all the websites. The application will automatically fill your login id and password when you visit that particular website. Amazing isn’t it ? This application has a very strong master password which will protect all your saved passwords. This is the best productivity app for webmasters and people with many online accounts.

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Time Sink

Time Sink is a must have application in your Mac OS. It will track all the activities in your Mac and tell you the time you have spent on each application. Sometimes you will feel like you haven’t reached your goal even you have worked for the whole day. This will make you feel bad as well as make you lose the hope on yourself. So time sink will avoid these things and track where your productivity is stolen. This application will be very helpful for most business people especially who work most of the time on computers. Also, the time sink will show your work flow throughout the day and export that graph as a spreadsheet or database file for future reference.



If you are in a team or managing a team then Producteev is a must-have application on your Mac. It is a perfect application to communicate and share data. You can manage the team or get updates from the team wherever you are. It supports for multiple platforms and cloud sync. It is available for iPhone, iPad, Mac OS and Web browsers. The application works in offline and easily sync your data when you go online. You can create To-Do’s, send Email, in-built IM for communication and much more. It is a complete productivity tool for managing people.



The keynote is an application from Apple. It is one of the best presentation tools across various platforms. It is available for both iOS and Mac devices. So that you can carry and easy access your presentations anywhere in the world. It has 44 Apple designed themes and 11 inbuilt templates to make your presentations look stunning. It supports for cloud storage and automatically syncs with iWork. The 2D and 3D graph views will give a unique look to your presentations. You can import any image files into your presentation also it supports for importing PDF files into your presentation. You can export and view presentations in quick time or even you can export it as an HTML file for web sharing.


These are the five best applications for Mac that boost your productivity by changing the normal way of your work. Try these apps on your Mac and share your experience with us in the comment box. Let us know if we missed any of your favorite productivity applications.

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  1. Thanks for the round-up, Robin. I liked most of the apps you offers but I really like how Keynote works .It’s sleek as all Apples devices and it just works as I need it to .:)

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