Best Virtualization Apps for Mac OS X

VMWare Fusion for Mac

VMWare is another paid virtualization app for mac that is quite powerful as Parallels 10. If you are looking for Parallels Alternative, then give VMWare Fusion a try. You can connect a Windows Laptop to a Mac using Ethernet LAN Cable and share the Windows Software and Applications easily to Mac desktop by running Vmware fusion software. Also, you can install a fresh copy of windows on vmware fusion and run multiple operating systems at the same time.

  • Run Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 versions and their Software’s, Games inside Mac using VMWare Fusion App.
  • Coherence style app running is possible and you can run Windows Software’s like a native mac app.
  • Sync with your existing Bootcamp installation of Windows and run it seamlessly.
  • Vmware fusion migration assistant helps you to connect and install windows and apps inside mac.

Vmware fusion 7 is no big difference in essential features comparison as a virtualization software, but when it comes to Parallels 10 vs Vmware Fusion 7, i prefer Parallels 10 for mac. If you wanted some alternative to parallels, then you can always give vmware fusion a try to get your job done.

Pricing: $69.99

Availability: Mac OS X

Download: VMWare Fusion for Mac


If you are looking for a free virtual machine app for mac then get Virtualbox. Need a premium, quality app with tons of features? Then Parallels is the best i personally recommend. Feel free to post your questions and comments below. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful productive day.

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