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Today Smartphones have become a must have gadget for all types of people. The improvement in Smartphone technology has entirely changed the lifestyle of people. Even though the Smartphone are very useful products for people it also has some demerits. Annoying phone calls, unwanted text messages are the biggest disturbances in mobile phones now a days. It actually started from emails. Many marketing companies purchase email ids from mail service providers like Yahoo, Rediff, etc and started sending their products advertisements to those ids.


Like that the increase in usage of Smartphones between people made those type of companies to switch from emails to calls and text messages. Some of the low quality service providers started selling customer phone numbers to these types of sales and marketing companies. Many banks and insurance companies also started doing this. We have plenty of apps to prevent these type of marketing calls and junk messages from these companies. Today I’m gonna tell you about an app called Burner for iPhone which helps you to create a temporary mobile number to prevent you from these type of spoof calls and spam messages. Let’s have a look at the features below.

HOW TO: Get A Temporary Mobile Number

Burner provides disposable mobile numbers for your iPhone. For instance, if a stranger you met in the bar asks your phone number you can use this app to give a temporary number to him. Using that number you can make or receive calls and text messages in your iPhone. Just like any other number you can keep that number for a month or longer. Once you’re done just delete the number from the app that person can’t contact you again. All your details will be kept private and nobody can find or misuse your original number.

You can create a permanent temporary number in this application to use while registering with file sharing sites and other such websites where you don’t want to reveal your original mobile number. Also you can use this number for all your social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. You will receive the text messages inside the burner for that temporary number. You can use the messages application in iPhone to send your normal text messages.


You can download the application for $1.99 but to use the temporary number based on the number of days you have to buy credits from the application. There are four type of credits, First one is Mini burner in which you can use the temporary number for seven days and you are allowed to make and receive 20 outbound and inbound calls. Also you can send and receive sixty text messages. Second one is Standard burner where you can use the temporary number for 30 days. You can use 50 voice calls and 150 text messages.

Third scheme is large burner where the temporary number validity is same 30 days but you can make 90 voice calls and 270 text messages. Fourth one is long burner in which the validity is 60 days and you can make 75 voice calls and 225 text messages. These are the four type of credits available to use the temporary number in your iPhone. You can check the cost of credits in the iTunes application page. At last the caption of the app says “Save your real phone numbers for the real VIP’s in your life”.

If you like the features of burner, purchase and try the app in your iPhone. Also don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment box. Thanks for reading.

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