Enable “Allow Apps to Request to Track” in iPhone if Greyed or Disabled [WORKING FIX]

Apple released iOS 14.5 with “Allow Apps to Request to Track” feature for iPhone users. Unfortunately many users are noticing that the Toggle is Greyed out or Disabled. We are going to see how to enable “allow apps to request to track” in iPhone. I have checked with few users and found out 2 possibilities oh why its greyed out or won’t turn on.

Many are actually confused whether this allow apps to request to track should be on or off? Let me quickly address the main problem first and then I will answer the second question.

fix allow apps request track iphone greyed disabled wont work

Apple announced a WAR with advertising companies in general, since the announcement about this App Tracking feature in last year WWDC. Facebook, Google and many other advertising firms were so frustrated with Apple’s move and in some countries Apple also getting sued by these companies.

Meanwhile, people are searching in discussion forums, why the toggle is not working as huge percentage of people already restricted the access of Facebook, Instagram and other Apps from Tracking them by Opting out.

After the announcement of iOS 14.5 with App Tracking feature, there was a bug affecting the Facebook, Instagram and other apps from showing the Allow Apps to Request to Track prompt. It wasn’t working as it supposed to be.

People were confused. Apple them rolled out iOS 14.5.1 within a week after releasing iOS 14.5 with a Fix to Allow Apps to Request to Track feature to work.

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Apple explains the following three important Reasons Why Allow Apps to Request to Track greyed out, disable or won’t turn on. They are,

  1. For users with child accounts or under age 18 by birth year, signed in with their Apple ID.
  2. If your Apple ID is managed by an educational institution or uses a configuration profile that limits tracking.
  3. If your Apple ID was created in the last three days

Majority of the users, these three cases checks out and still they have problem of not possible to Enable this feature. Let’s quickly see the other 2 Possible solutions you can try to fix this problem right away.

#1 – SignOut Apple ID and SignIn Again

Go to “Settings – Your Profile – Sign Out“.

Restart your iPhone and then come to the same settings page and SignIn again with your Apple ID and Password.

Now check “Settings – Privacy – Tracking” page and you should be seeing that toggle is working normally to let you Enable Allow Apps to Request to Track feature. Not seeing the list of Apps below that toggle? Don’t worry. Now make sure the Apps are updated to latest version from App store by going to “Appstore App – Your Profile – Swipe Down” to Refresh and Update all the Apps.

Then open Facebook or Instagram and you will be seeing the following prompt. Select “Ask App to Track” or “Allow” based on your choice.

allow facebook track activity ask app not to track prompt

This has proven to be fixing the problem for most of the users. If still the toggle is greyed out or Disabled, then continue reading.

#2 – Country / Region Restrictions

Another possible reason why “Allow Apps to Request to Track” Greyed Out, Disabled or Wont’t work is because of Country, Government or Region Restrictions already in place. Go to “Settings – Privacy – Tracking” and then tap on the link “Learn more…” blue color text to read more about ad targeting information.

allow apps request track greyed-disabled-wont-work

You will see the above information confirming, that Ad Targeting and Tracking by any means is basically stopped in your Region due to Country specific Restrictions already in place. Apple iPhone sold in such countries or Country/Region settings set to that country for your Apple ID, will obey that restriction.

Apps by default, cannot track any information in such countries. You don’t have to toggle ON or OFF for Facebook, Instagram and other Apps from Tracking you.

Final Question, Which one to choose?

Allow Apps to Request to Track Should be ON or OFF?

Answer is Simple.

You must keep the toggle off to keep the settings unchanged if you have selected “Ask App not to Track” when you saw the prompt while launching that app. For example, Facebook when you opened and saw “Ask App not to Track“, the same settings will be in place.

If you changed your mind and want Facebook to Track your Activity across other Apps, then you may toggle this ON. Which most of the users won’t do.

I hope the suggested solutions helped you out to Fix Allow Apps to Request to Track Greyed out, Disabled or won’t work. If you find it useful and working, don’t forget to share this post with your friends at Twitter and Facebook. Have a wonderful day. Stay Safe.

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