How to Enable Battery Percentage in iPhone with Face ID?

After 5 long waiting years, Apple have brought back Battery Percentage toggle in Battery Settings. Yes, you can enable battery percentage in iPhone with Face ID running iOS 16. Currently, in developer beta and public beta version, Apple have released this feature in iOS 16 Beta 5 version. Once iOS 16 stable release happens, we will be able to view battery percentage right on the battery icon.

Even, I thought it’s a Rumor or some prank initially. But after updating my iPhone 12, I am shocked and surprised just like many others.

Update: Apple released iOS 16.1 to enable battery percentage in iPhone XR, 11, 12 mini models. Update to latest iOS 16.1 or above version to enable if you are still having trouble seeing it.

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Apple is changing. Looks like its some what hearing users feedback and implementing the changes as well. It’s unbelievable, but it’s happening.

Apple just decides whatever they think best for us. And we have no saying in that. There are plenty of problems yet to be fixed and this battery percentage showing in the battery icon on iPhone’s with Face ID is really a huge step forward.

How to Enable Battery Percentage in iPhone with Face ID?

If you are currently using developer beta or public beta, update to iOS 16 beta 5 version. As of now, while writing this article, only developer beta is out to download. Public Beta is expected in couple of days. All public beta testers will be able to update to iOS 16 Beta 5 with Battery Percentage showing in their iPhone with Face ID.

Go to “Settings – Battery – Battery Percentage” Toggle it ON to Enable Battery Percentage in iPhone with Face ID.

Due to Notch design, Apple removed the battery percentage being displayed in the sides of battery icon. Now its enabled and battery percentage displayed on the Battery icon. Some people, do feel its kind of look like Android ;), But let’s see some font style adjustment in upcoming beta versions.

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And, There is a Bad News!

Unfortunately, this toggle to turn on/off battery percentage will not be available in iPhone 12 mini and 13 mini models. Apple decided to make it available at present only with iPhone 12, 13 and Pro models.

May be if there is any addition happens in mini models, I will update this article section to let you know.

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