Facebook Live Streaming Apps for Windows PC and Mac OS

BeLive Broadcasting App

This is an App that changes the Facebook Live experience to both you and your audience in lot of positive ways. Start selecting your Broadcasting mode from “Solo, Interview or Talk Show” and you are done. The necessary tools will be right on your screen and you are good to go.

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Some of the feature highlights are,

  • Share any Photos from your Facebook page instantly to your audience.
  • Share your Entire Desktop screen to your viewers or students (for Online Class Sessions).
  • Present Powerpoint Slides to your Viewers.
  • Share new Ideas or Texts On Screen during the Broadcast.
  • Change view mode during Live Conference & Broadcasting to focus on One person or Screen.
  • Display Viewer Comments on Screen selectively during the Broadcast Session.
  • Add and Display Agenda before any Broadcast Event.

BeLive.tv Pricing is pretty simple and affordable. You can get 14 days free trial before purchasing any one of their plan. If you are looking for all the basic features to start your Facebook Live Broadcasting, then Lite version at $12 per month should be sufficient. You can unlimited Broadcast Sessions per month when you go for their $20 per month tariff.

Enterprise tariff allows you to get custom branding, graphics addition to your broadcast session and Technical support over the phone as well.

You can start any of the three paid tariffs for 14 days trial, before purchasing.

Price: $12.00 / month and above.

Download Belive.tv Facebook Live App

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  1. Hello Robin,

    Nice apps shared, I have already tried few of the apps above and they are good. Do you we can also run apk files on pc as well ?

  2. Totally cool, thank you so much. Just about to do my first ever Facebook live to a private group. This is diamond info. Really appreciate it ♥

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