Facebook Live Streaming Apps for Windows PC and Mac OS

vMix Software for Live Streaming

Another Enterprise level Live Streaming software for Windows systems. If you want to Run vMix on Mac OS, then the developers are suggesting you to download and install Windows inside Mac using Bootcamp and run vMix Software without any problem. They have wide variety of tariffs you can choose from, to suit your needs.

If you want to do Facebook Live streaming with multiple camera inputs and NDI inputs then their Basic HD package should be sufficient. I don’t think their Basic tariff isn’t good as it don’t even support HD output. All of their tariffs comes with Recording, Streaming, Fullscreen output, External Output support and Playlist management.

For 4K Video Output Support, multiple Overlay Channels, vMix Call feature, Instant Replay, multiple External outputs and Scripting, you have to pay extra by choosing higher tariff from their Store.

Price: $60.00

Download vMix Software for Windows

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  1. Hello Robin,

    Nice apps shared, I have already tried few of the apps above and they are good. Do you we can also run apk files on pc as well ?

  2. Totally cool, thank you so much. Just about to do my first ever Facebook live to a private group. This is diamond info. Really appreciate it ♥

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