Apple has Released Flashback Malware Fix via Software Update

Apple has released Flashback Malware fix officially via software update feature today. We have suggested some flashback malware removal tool by F-Secure and Kaspersky two days ago. Now apple has officially rolled out a security update to fix the Java vulnerability that lets Flashback malware injected into mac computer. Its been more than a week, and the infected flashback malware computers went more than a million in the first day itself.

java os x update

This security update removes the most common variants of this malware and configures the Java web plug-in to disable automatic execution of Java Applets. You can still re-enable the automatic execution of Java applets using the Java preferences application. When the web plug-in detects that no applets have been running for an extended period of time, then it automatically disable Java Applets.

You can read more details from apple knowledge base about this update. If you didnt get a prompt about the new software update available for your mac, then do it manually by selecting it from Apple Menu.

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