Flock iPhone App Brings Family and Friends Photos Together

The time when cameras came into existence photos were taken only for memories. Today the trend has completely changed and mostly the photos were take only to share in their social profiles. When cameras used rolls it was limited to 36 photographs but today a digital camera comes with a minimum of 4GB of storage. It has tremendously increased people taking photos also the social network influence make people take more photos to become popular on the Internet. Now a days more than Digital cameras, Smartphones are given more priority for taking casual photographs.


Tagging is one of the innovative feature introduced by Twitter in the name of “Hash Tags“. Later Facebook introduced the same feature to tag people in photos and status updates. That has become very popular and used in many Smartphone applications to tag their friends on the network. Today we are going to discuss about an iPhone app called “Flock” which magically group photos and tag your family members and friends took through iPhone. This app automatically identifies photos taken by your friends and family members and display them as an album in your iPhone. Let’s see how it works.

Features and Functions of Flock

Bump, one of the famous app for iPhone is the developer of Flock. The concept of this application is unique and the tagging feature is completely utilized in this app to share the photos from your iPhone. If you have this app you don’t wanna send photos in emails and take the same group photos in different mobile phones. Take photos and tag your friends and family members, they can see photos in album view straight from their iPhone. So they can save photos they want and share them instantly on Facebook.


For taking photos you can use the default camera app for iPhone. After you take photos, go to the application and start tagging people in the photographs. As soon as you enter into the application it will show all the photos you have taken on that particular day. You can deselect the photos which you don’t want to share and start tagging your friends and family members in the app. Once you finished tagging, you can share those photos to Facebook and it will automatically tag the same people on Facebook too.

Another important feature of Flock is, after you take photos it will automatically find people from photos using Facebook. So it will give you suggestions on tagging people from your Facebook friends list. Like Facebook you will receive notifications when your friends tag your photos on Flock. Watch the video to know more about the features and functions of Flock.

[vimeo width=”560″ height=”350″]http://vimeo.com/46398388#[/vimeo]

The concept is very unique and it is a great app when you go for a hangout or a vacation with your friends and family members. You can easily share all your photos with your friends without losing your privacy. So try this app on your iPhone and share your experience with us in the comment box. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hi Robin,
    Looks like a great app – Especially on elaboration form different people and
    the tagging features in Facebook. Thanks
    for mentioning the new app, Will be sure to give it a try over the weekend.

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