iMessage Contact Key Verification – How to Setup and Use?

Apple released iOS 17.2 with many exciting features, including iMessage Contact Key verification. It adds more security enhancement to iMessage. This feature is designed to provide an additional layer of security, ensuring that users communicate with the intended recipients and do not fall prey to sophisticated cyber threats.

iMessage Contact Key Verification
iMessage Contact Key Verification.

Get an iMessage verified badge to ensure you text with the correct person once Contact Key Verification is completed. It takes a few steps to complete the setup, but you must manually verify with OTP-like verification codes with your iMessage contact.

What is iMessage Contact Key Verification?

iMessage Contact Key Verification is a security feature that enhances iMessage’s already robust end-to-end encryption. It ensures that the messages are secure and sent to and received by the correct person.

This feature is particularly crucial in an era where digital communication is susceptible to cyberattacks, including impersonation and man-in-the-middle attacks.

The verification process is automatic in conversations where both parties have enabled iMessage Contact Key Verification. If there’s an error in the verification process, an alert is triggered, indicating a potential security concern.

Additionally, users can manually verify contacts by comparing verification codes, adding an extra layer of assurance.

Setting Up iMessage Contact Key Verification

To use this feature, specific requirements must be met:

  • Devices must run iOS 17.2, watchOS 9.2, or macOS 14.2.
  • Users must be signed into iCloud and iMessage with the same Apple ID.
  • iCloud Keychain and two-factor authentication should be enabled.
  • All devices must have a passcode or password set.

To activate iMessage Contact Key Verification:

  • Open Settings, select your name and tap on Contact Key Verification.
  • Turn on Verification in iMessage and follow the prompts.

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Manual Verification Process

For manual verification, Open a message thread and tap the contact’s name to view Conversation Details. Tap ‘Verify Contact’ and compare the code that appears with the code from the other person. If the codes match, mark the contact as verified.

Sharing Public Verification Codes

Users can share their Public Verification Code, which doesn’t contain private information, for others to verify. This code can be posted online or shared directly.

Checking Verification Status

The iMessage Contact Details page displays the verification status for contacts.

Verified ☑️ Tick mark will be next to the person you are chatting with confirms, that the Conversation is secure and verified on both sides.

It shows whether the contact has iMessage Contact Key Verification turned on and if they have been verified.

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Benefits of iMessage Contact Key Verification

Enhanced Security: It adds a significant layer of security to iMessage, ensuring that conversations are encrypted and sent to the intended recipient.

Prevention of Impersonation: This feature is crucial in preventing sophisticated impersonation attacks.

User Assurance: Users can have peace of mind knowing that their conversations are secure and with the right person.

iMessage Contact Key Verification is a groundbreaking feature for iPhone users, offering unprecedented security in digital communication. By understanding and utilizing this feature, users can significantly enhance their messaging security, ensuring their private conversations remain secure and authentic.

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