iOS 18 Release Date and Leaks about Big Features Coming to iPhone

It’s not that time of the year yet, but the iOS 18 Leaks about features have already started to arrive. The buzz around iOS 18 big features coming to your iPhone and iPad is here. If all goes well as per the schedule, the projected iOS 18 release date will be the end of September 2024.

ios 18 release features leaks news

iOS 17 is a Big Mess, is all I would say. Apple released it in a rush, just like last year’s iOS 16, and I expect Apple to work better this time with the iOS 18 release. More than the iOS 18 features, I am focused on its stability.

It’s unfair to use Premium iPhone Buyers as Beta Testers.

Apple wants to make iOS 18 Features Rich and a compelling update in years. This sentence terrifies me, too. How the ecosystem will break into pieces when more features are added to iOS 18 raises a big concern.

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iOS 17 features are less in numbers, but the failure rate of all of them works normally even after all the beta releases. It pushes users to think twice before updating their iPhone to iOS 18.

iOS 18 Features will be Ground Breaking

Recent leaks about iOS 18 features suggest Apple is gearing up to deliver a groundbreaking user experience. According to reliable sources like Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who has a commendable track record in predicting Apple’s moves, the upcoming update promises incremental improvements and significant design changes across various parts of the iOS system.

But, as they say, “With great features comes great responsibility.” Apple seems to have taken this to heart, especially after the rocky iOS 17 release.

Artificial Intelligence Features are Coming to iOS 18

Apple AI is expected to make an entry through iOS 18. It will be the last company joining the AI Party, but hopes are higher with what Apple is cooking to surprise its users. As a Virtual Assistant, SIRI did not score good feedback from most iPhone users.

Millions of iPhone users do not even use SIRI, and people using it mostly use it for Reminders and Calls.

apple ai super siri pro generative chatgpt

ChatGPT raised the bar regarding bringing AI features to a smartphone.

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There are leaks from untrusted sources that Apple may bring AI-infused iOS 18 with many surprises. Generative AI in iOS 18 will let users do tasks through voice, and it will be a Big upgrade to Apple’s SIRI.

It reminds me of that Power Rangers style of costume upgrades happening soon to SIRI :). I hope features are not limited due to business decisions.

Learning from Mistakes: A Pause in iOS 18 Beta Development

iOS 17, let’s face it, was not Apple’s finest moment. Acknowledging this, the tech giant hit the pause button on iOS 18 beta development.

The Goal?

To redirect their efforts towards stabilizing iOS 17 with major updates like iOS 17.2 and 17.3. Apple is determined to learn from past mistakes, ensuring a smoother transition to iOS 18.

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iOS 17 Woes: Users Holding Their Breath for Stability

The aftermath of the iOS 17 release has left many users cautiously eyeing their update prompts. With stability concerns and reported glitches, some iPhone users are hanging on to their iOS 16 comfort zone.

The wait for a stable iOS 17 is real, and Apple is keenly aware of this before diving into the iOS 18 realm.

iOS 18 Compatibility List of iPhones?

While the exact list of iOS 18 compatible devices will be unveiled in June 2024 at WWDC, speculation is already rife.

My hunch?

The iPhone XR and iPhone XS might be left out this year. It seems Apple is looking towards the future, and the compatibility journey may kick off with the iPhone 11 models. Do refer to the iOS 17 Compatible Devices list here.

The Countdown Begins for iOS 18 Release.

As we eagerly await the release of iOS 18, the promise of groundbreaking features and design changes has undoubtedly piqued our interest.

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Apple’s decision to address iOS 17 issues head-on demonstrates its commitment to delivering a seamless user experience. The compatibility revelations in June will only add to the anticipation. Get ready, Apple enthusiasts – the countdown to iOS 18 has officially begun!

In the comments, share your thoughts about the iOS 18 Release Date, Features, and Leaks. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day.

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