Turn your iPad into Macbook Pro with this New iPad Case

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The New case for iPad created by a japanese company named Macotakara transforms your iPad into a Macbook Pro, not completely but adds more look and feature to do it. The simple and thin look makes me to call it like iPad 2 Macbook air case. Apple has recently released the new iPad with Retina Display, improved processor and memory. You can find many iPad cases with keyboard attached to it to get more from your iPad. Unfortunately, the case that we will see here supports only iPad 2 and there are chances that it may suite well with the 3rd generation iPad as well, but the company made it compatible upto iPad 2 only.

iPad minimizes the necessary to carry your Macbook or Laptop wherever you go, and you can do maximum of your tasks like you do in laptop when you wear one such case to it.

I remember, Logitech releasing the iPad case with keyboard added to it long back and got a very good attention for people who look forward to buy such iPad case. There is no doubt that iPad is the best tablet out there to read and reply mails, surf the internet, watch movies, when we use apps to do more and play games. Specially with the new iPad features and stunning display, apple really takes the tablet experience to its users even better.

ipad macbook pro

Lets have a look at the features that this case delivers to make it more suitable to the title. This case comes with built-in Lithium Polymer battery, which you can charge and use it for 50 and more hours continuously. It also got an USB Port and a mini USB Port at the side and it uses Bluetooth to connect the integrated keyboard with iPad. Expected price for this iPad case will be 75 USD, and currently it will support only iPad 2 and not the New iPad.

The sales page of this gadget contains more info about this product in detail. You can follow Macotakara twitter profile to get more info about the release of this cool new gadget.

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