iPhone Clock Widget Automatically Change to Cupertino, How to Fix?

If you’ve recently updated your device to iOS 17, you might have stumbled upon a curious hiccup with the Clock widget. Some users have noticed that their set cities on the widget are mysteriously reverting to CUP, USA, after just a day or two.

If you’re one of those confused by this switch, you’re not alone. Let’s see what could be the reason and How to Fix it.

iphone clock widget cup change automatically fix

So, what’s causing this seemingly random change?

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The Link Between Apple ID and Clock Widget

The Clock widget on your iOS device, like many other system features, is closely tied to your device’s settings. If your Apple ID’s country or region is set to ‘USA’, or if your language settings are pegged to ‘USA’, your device tends to default to Cupertino, the heart of Apple’s operations and its official headquarters.

It’s a small nod to the company’s roots, but it is not supposed to happen when you are in different countries and settings according to that.

For some, this might not be an issue. After all, many apps and widgets try to personalize your experience based on your settings. But if you want your widget to display a city that’s significant to you – whether it’s your hometown, current city, or a place you dream of visiting – it can be a bit frustrating to see Cupertino pop up again and again.

Additionally, you may update to iOS 17.1, the latest release to fix any system software-related bugs causing this problem. Here is why?, iOS 17.1 Update: Should You Update Your iPhone and iPad?.

What Can You Do?

#1 Check Apple ID Country and Region Settings

To prevent this, double-check your Apple ID’s country or Region settings. If you’re not tied to having it set to ‘USA’, consider changing it.

Also, peek into your device’s language settings. If it’s also set to ‘United States of America,’ adjust it to reflect your preferred language or region.

Remember, these settings don’t just impact the Clock widget. They can influence various aspects of your device experience. Always be cautious and understand the broader implications before making changes.

#2 Change Clock Widget Location Setting

Step 1: Tap and Hold on the Clock Widget.

Step 2: Tap Edit Widget.

Step 3: Tap the City option.

Step 4: Search for the correct city you want the time to show.

Done. Your Clock Widget will now be correctly showing the Time according to the city or country setting you have selected.

#3 Perform All Settings Reset Once

Keep this as the last step. You must perform “settings – general – reset – reset all settings” once. If any iOS 17-related bugs or problems cause the Clock Widget or settings to change to CUP, this will help fix it.

Let me know in the comments which above method helps fix your problem. It may help others experiencing similar problems. Have a wonderful day.

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  1. I love this widget! I have an iPhone and it’s always annoying when the clock changes to Cupertino. This widget fixes that problem!

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