Tips to Keep Mac OS X Secure and Healthy

Mac OS X is well known for its stability and security. It rarely gets viruses or worms and in most cases, third party applications stands in front as the reason behind the infection. That is why apple has mentioned once that we must use Antivirus for Mac to prevent any virus attacks on mac os and to increase security as well. It is must be understand our computer to better prevent any security problems. Understanding is all about knowing what your operating system is actually doing, incoming connections, outgoing connections, are they secure, is the firewall and security software in place updated and working properly.

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When you ask these question, it will be really helpful to understand your Operating system better and make sure that your data is safe. Here i got some tips to keep your mac os safe and secure.

Tip #1: Turn ON Built-In Firewall

Turn ON the built-in firewall on mac os x to have a better security. Any computer that connects to Internet needs a Firewall protection locally to monitor and block any attacks. You can Turn on the firewall by visiting System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> Firewall (Tab) -> START. This will trigger few prompts that requests you to allow or disallow access for few apps that you have installed, which needs Internet connection. This is really the best way to prevent unauthorized applications, programs and services from accepting Incoming connections on Mac OS X.

Tip #2: Never Install Pirate Software on Mac

You may think that you have saved some money by installing pirate software on Mac, but this is the best medium or way that Hackers take advantage of to spread their viruses and worms. If you cannot afford a software, then try to look for open source alternatives, than searching in Torrents, Warez forums for pirated apps and software. It puts your Mac, your Data and Privacy into Big Risk without any doubt. So always go for Genuine software or Open Source (Free software) applications for mac to stay secure.

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If you are in need of MS Office for Mac OS X, you may give a try with Open Office for Mac OS to get better productivity software.

Tip #3: Enable / Disable Java on Mac

It is not possible to completely remove Java as the applications that we use daily needs it. Still you can enable or disable java on mac os x easily to prevent any security trouble because of Java. Experts suggested to remove or disable Java completely to prevent infection from Flashback malware which raised an alarm recently after infecting half a million mac computers in few hours after its release. Even though we got a fix for flashback malware on mac, the question is, will it repeat and put the mac os x in trouble once again. Apple has released a security update specially to fix the Java vulnerability on Mac and added one more feature that automatically Turn ON and OFF Java web-plugin in Safari web browser.

Tip #4: Antivirus for Mac OS X

Antivirus adds more security and reduces the chances of getting infected with some strange malware in future and also prevents infection to other computers from Mac computers. There are also possible ways that mac users can transfer some windows viruses to PC used by friends and family when we share files, movies, musics and pictures. So to prevent that, the antivirus on mac can help you to scan the files effectively for Mac and Windows viruses and destroy them if found any. Always make sure you are buying an antivirus or internet security software that gets update often to its signature database.

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Bitdefender and Kaspersky the two leading antivirus software vendors have special mac editions to provide complete security to your apple mac computer right away after you install it. Daily updates, Excellent support, updated virus signature database and extra tools to let you monitor your Mac for better security. Dont miss bitdefender coupon and kaspersky coupon code to save the maximum and its available exclusively for our users today.

Mackeeper Review911 for your Mac OS that has tons of features to not just protect your Mac, also to improve the performance by optimizing it very well.

Tip #5: Take control of App Installation on Mac

You should never let anyone to install anything on your Mac OS X. This is not just for mac, also for any other operating system. Many get spam emails with software download links that brings some malware, virus or Trojan programs into the computer. Always have a Guest account and let your friends check their mails and never feel bad about giving them instruction to not download any software that they are not sure about, when you allow them to check mails in some unavoidable circumstances.

There should be No Excuse when it comes to Security !

This is what i always follow and quote whenever i talk about building a better computer security. Always know what you are installing and whether you got it from a trusted source or website (downloaded).

  • Check for software updates atleast once in a month.
  • Remove unwanted or unused software from Mac.

Tip #6: Finally, Use Strong Passwords

The worst idea might be using a password manager to manage all your passwords. Honestly, i feel its not at all a good idea to manage your passwords on mac or even in PC. Try to use 2 or 3 strong passwords and change them at times. You can find many online password generator software just by doing a google search, that not just generate strong passwords, and also gives you suggestion to remember the password easily.

  • Password must be alpha, numeric combination
  • Make it as 12 characters minimum length

I hope you have found this article very useful and easy to follow in order to Surf and Use your Mac better. Thanks for reading and you may suggest us some more points through comments if you find we have missed some.

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