What is Mac Hackstore ?

We all know about App Store, a service from Apple to download the necessary applications from Apple and other third party developers. We have a separate App Store for iOS devices and a separate one for Mac OS X. Also there is an unofficial app store available for both the platforms. The unofficial App store for iOS is called Installous and one for the Mac is called Hack Store.


For downloading from Installous, you have a procedure called Jailbreaking. But for downloading from Hackstore you don’t have any such process you can download it straight away.

What is Mac Hackstore ?

Mac Hackstore is a place to download certain applications and software which are not available in Apple’s official Mac App Store. In Cydia they will give you pirated apps also you can do a lot of tweaks in your device. But Hackstore is entirely different from that. It has only the genuine software and applications. The hackstore was developed by a Andrey Fedotov, a Russian Hacker turned into a programmer. He moved from Russia to United States and started developing Hackstore by last year December. After six months of hard work, he launched hackster in the mid of April, 2012.

Hackstore is a marketplace for various types of applications. The developer Andrey focused more on Open Source applications like Gimp, FileZilla, etc. He gave option for users and developers to upload their tweaks and applications into hackstore. Also they can give a direct link to the developer’s website to download the application. There is no Login required for users to download the application but developers need an account to upload their apps.

Similar to App Store users can rate the applications and it is displayed on the app’s home page. When user clicks on the application he will see the description, screenshots, rating and review. So that you can completely understand the purpose of the application.


As I said before Hackstore will have the applications which are not available in the Mac App Store. For some reasons, if it is rejected from App Store you will find the app in Hackstore. The Founder, Andrey says, it is to promote usage of Mac OS by encouraging good applications which are rejected from the App Store. Even though they accept the rejected applications from Mac App Store, they don’t allow pirated or cracked applications into their Hackstore. You can easily receive updates for your applications from Hackstore and update with the built-in upgrade feature.

These are the features and purpose of the Hackstore for Mac users. Try the hackstore apps and tweaks in your Mac and share your experience with us in the comment box. Happy Tweaking.

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