People Reacted through Social Media, after iPhone 4S Price Came Out in India

Apple iPhone 4S price came out through Aircel and Airtel, the two giant telecom service providers across india. Apple fans are bit shocked to see the price of the most expected smart phone from Apple. Many who planned to buy their first iPhone as iPhone 4S have decided to better wait till they release their Refurbished iPhone 4 handsets for the price of Rs 22500 as confirmed by various unofficial sources.

Social Networking users Reacted over iPhone 4S Price

People across Facebook and Twitter have reacted to the over priced iPhone 4S in india. Here we got few of them covered and looking forward to hear from you as well. Please leave your view as a comment below.

iphone 4s price———      —————     ———

iphone 4s price———      —————     ———

iphone 4s———      —————     ———

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  1. iPhone 4s doesn’t even come close to Samsung Galaxy S2 or Galaxy Note on features, for that price Apple didn’t offer anything special or even similar to what its competitors provide. Very few who aren’t aware of other smart phones would buy iPhone.

    1. Hi Bro, Like to know which iPhone you have used previously. Because Android really does good but when it comes to performance and quality iPhone stands out. I have used both platforms and really found that iPhone is totally different when it comes to Life and Performance.

      Between the recent price difference is because of Dollar vs INR Battle where when iPhone 4 launched the dollar price was Rs 41 to 43. But now it moves between 50 to 53.

      That really brings a pretty huge difference when it comes to above 700 USD.

      1. But if you really compare the performance of iPhone with Galaxy note or S2, iPhone has just 512 MB of RAM vs to 1 or 2 GB ram and dual core processors for the others. Build quality is almost same as iPhone, but standby time is 28days for S2 and Note vs 8 days for iPhone. So iPhone doesn’t justify the price for Indian markets. Since Apple is releasing it directly, we can’t agree with the currency devaluation, because we have many other foreign companies launching their products in India. After all an Indian buyer doesn’t want to care about foreign exchange prices as far as he is buying from India. 

        1. Bro, i agree the price released this time is really high and not affordable by many existing users too.

          with 512 MB RAM iPhone works really great and i just want you to experience it atleast once when they release the low price edition. RAM, Processor Speed, Camera Resolution really matters. However,  apple so far brought the best with performing faster (without hangs) and supporting maximum apps and so on.

          We have millions of apps in android market, but many are not compatible with every android mobile. They bring new problems after installing it on the android phone. I have experienced such issues with my Samsung Google Nexus S.

          Build Quality is seriously there with Apple where Samsung has it in very few of its models. I found samsung google nexus s, galaxy s2, galaxy ace are few solid models for android running pretty fine.

          Just try iPhone once and tell me whether its worth the money or not. 🙂


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