“Trust This Computer” Alert Message Not Showing on Your iPhone?

Apple has the best security system and iPhone, iPad, and Mac features. When you connect a Lightning cable to iPhone or iPad, you may see the “Trust this Computer” alert message not showing on your iPhone.

What happens if you trust a computer? It is an additional security step to ensure that you trust the computer; connected computers can access your device’s photos, videos, contacts, documents, and other files.

trust this computer message not showing iphone

Trusted computers remain the same until you disconnect them or change to another computer you trust. You’ll see the “Trust This Computer” alert message on your iPhone each time when you connect your iPhone to a computer.

Should I trust this computer? It depends on your choice. If you want to charge your iPhone and don’t want to transfer any files or let the computer access the content of your iPhone, then simply select “Don’t allow.” This will still charge your iPhone when you connect with Public Computers or friends’ computers.

How do you get rid of Do you Trust this Computer?

But users often don’t see the “Trust This Computer” alert on their iPhones, which leads to security risks. An unknown computer can connect easily if the “Trust This Computer” prompt message is not showing on your iPhone.

If you don’t see this security prompt on your iPhone, don’t worry. You can try these troubleshooting steps to Fix the “Trust This Computer” message not showing on your iPhone.

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How to Fix the “Trust This Computer” Alert Not Showing on Your iPhone?

The first basic troubleshooting step to follow whenever you face any kinda issues on your iPhone or iPad is to restart your iPhone. This step can fix most of the hiccups on your iPhone, but still, if this step doesn’t work, don’t worry here, I have an alternative workaround.

How to FORCE RESTART iPhone and iPad?

If this step doesn’t work, kindly follow the alternative troubleshooting steps, to fix the “Trust This Computer” alert not showing on your iPhone.

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How do I make my computer trust a device?

The immediate step to resolve the issue is to “Reset Location and Privacy” on your iPhone.

How to Reset Location and Privacy on your iPhone? To reset your iPhone location and privacy, Open Settings app > General > Reset > Reset Location and Privacy

reset iphone location privacy settings

reset location privacy settings mac

After troubleshooting, check if you see the alert message by connecting your iPhone to a computer. If the “Trust This Computer” message is still not showing on your iPhone, let’s move on to the next troubleshooting step.

Reset Network Settings

Try resetting your network settings; it may work this time. To “Reset your Network Settings,” Open Settings app > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

reset network settings trust this computer

Update Your Mac

If the “Trust This Computer” message is still not showing on your iPhone after connecting to a computer, check whether your Mac version is up to date. If you have an outdated version of Mac, then that may lead to the issue too. Kindly try updating your Mac.

How to Update Your Mac? To update your Mac, Click “Apple Menu” on the top of the screen > Select “System Preferences” > Select “Software Update” and try updating your Mac.

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mac os update

How do I bypass trust this computer on my iPhone?

B bypassing the “Trust this Computer” message alert on iPhone is not recommended. As mentioned above, you can select “Don’t Allow” and continue charging your iPhone. This is how you can bypass trust this computer on your iPhone.

Why does trust this computer keeps popping up?

The alert message should appear only once on your iPhone or iPad. If you repeatedly see the “Trust this computer” prompt or alert message, the problem is related to the cable or USB port in your computer.

Frequent disconnection is the reason causing such a problem.

Try different USB ports in your computer or with different Lightning Cable or MFi Lightning cable. That will help to fix the problem. You may try with another computer to check whether the same problem happens.

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