HOW TO: Use your iPad as Second Display Monitor with Mac?

There is a new app in town which lets you use your iPad as a Secondary Display with an iMac, Macbook Pro or Macbook Air. We normally use extended display setup to obtain better productivity. Apple users who tasted better productivity with an apple device and attracted to their design, always go for another device such as iPhone, iPad and so on. So if you own an iPad Air or older iPad version and want to use it as a secondary (extended) display with your Mac computer, then this app should help you out.


Duet Display is a brilliant app that brings extended display to iPad connected to your Mac computer. You can move applications from your mac display to iPad without any lags or slow speed issues while using duet display application. The developer has added some powerful functions to make this app a better productivity companion and work as promised.

Duet Display iPad App Quick Review

Duet Display is available for iPad and iPhone running iOS 5.1.1 and above versions. This application is very much compatible with Retina Display at delivers video output with 60 frames per second and users will experience smooth, lag free viewing. Youtube recently introduced 60 frames per second videos and it was stunning. So if you have any doubt, how 6ofps will look like, search in youtube to find some latest videos. Duet Display will deliver smooth screen viewing experience when you use it as a extended secondary display with your mac computer. Checkout the following official video to see how duet display app works between a macbook air and ipad air.


You can use your iPad as a Second display with your Mac using Lightning cable or 30-pin connector cable. That means, Duet Display is very well compatible to deliver best video output in both older iPads (iPad 2nd Generation, 3rd Generation) and iPhones as well.

Duet Display App website says that a second or extended display monitor increases productivity by up to 48% and I personally use such setup and find it true. I tried working with single displays, and not able to organize my multiple browser windows and apps windows very well. But with second display connected to my mac, it works simply great and i am able to write and work much better than earlier. Rather keeping your iPad on dock, this setup should definitely help you out in converting iPad as a Second display and enjoy more productivity at your work desk.

As you have to connect the iPad with lightning or 30 pin connector, it automatically keeps the iPad charged, so when you want to go out, you can simply disconnect your iPad and close the app to use it normally.

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