WWDC 2012 Event Scheduled to June 11, 2012

Apple has announced it officially in its website today, that WWDC2012 event will happen coming June 11th till 15th, 2012 and the registrations will open by June 10, Sunday from 09:00 AM. Tickets sales are Open now and you can get yours by signing in with your Apple Developer ID. You can refer the WWDC 2012 Event FAQ here to get more of your questions answered. Apple has made the complete info about the next major and important event at their website, where we can expect so many interesting upcoming products which will stand in the battle of Tablets, Laptops, OS and Mobile war.

No Live Blogging

The sad part is, there will be NO Live Blogging allowed during this event and its mentioned in the FAQ clearly. Kind of disappointing, as millions of users have to wait for the event webcast, which will be uploaded by Apple Team once the conference is over. Apple should reconsider its stand on this, to let viewers who cannot participate and see the upcoming products.

wwdc 2012 ticket

We believe the Apple secrecy will be maintained and we got nearly a month and some days left before the actual event. So there are more chances to see the buzz of apple leaked data around the web like always. The previous iPad event was very close to the leaked data except the name, lets hope the surprise never goes wrong atleast this time. Mac OS X Mountain Lion is on the Top of the list when it comes to a question, What are the list of releases that can happen during WWDC 2012 this June 2012.

iPhone 5 Release

Apple WWDC 2012 is considered to be an important event because of the next iPhone specially. iPhone 4S was most awaited and apple has released the iPhone without any major design changes. So this time as per various valid sources we get from experts, the iPhone 5 or The New iPhone or iPhone 5th Generation (only Tim knows 😉 ). The most expected feature is 4G LTE support in the next iPhone.

New Macbook Series 2012

There are more chances to see a well redesigned new series of Macbook Pro and Macbook Air with ultimate hardware configuration like new Intel Processors upgraded RAMs and another interesting rumor that we like to mention here is Retina Display to Macbook.

iPad Mini

There are rumors started to buzz around the web, that Apple is working on its New iPad Mini that may hit the market this October for 300$ to stand against Amazon Kindle HD Tablets.

iOS 6 Release

Another great focus goes towards Apple iOS next version which is iOS 6 with loads of features in it. Specifically, Facebook integration into iOS. One of the stable and best mobile operating system in the world already in development with a title iOS 6 and we expect the stable and final release of it during the upcoming WWDC 2012 event.

We will be following up every updates happening around the web about the WWDC2012 June Event and post them here. Thanks for reading and you may now share this post with your friends and others via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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