HOW TO: Get Google Plus Live Feeds Widget ?

Blogging is the hot business in world right now. Everyone needs something and are in search of something. This is obvious because we should directly or indirectly depend on others for any of the resources. So in web you can find anything and everything with more than 1k suggestions. This is possibly done only by Blogging and by the bloggers.

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google plusGoogle plus is a highly optimized platform for all users. In this way all the bloggers will prefer using a Google plus widget for their blog/website. This is a common act on everyone who wishes to have the leading, top shared platform in their blog to attract more traffic and grow their network bigger. Most of the bloggers prefer facebook like in their pages so as Google plus widget too. So far the widget available is only with an option to “Add to circle“. The newly released Widget+ is available that displays Google Plus with Live Feed on your blog.

Google Plus Widget with Live Feeds

This code works on all self hosted wordpress blog and websites.

Step 1: Login to your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2: Visit the Widget+ app link here.

google plus widget

Step 3: You need to add your Google plus ID on the Basic Settings window.

google plus widget

Step 4: You can also customize the Height, Width features on the same window.

google plus widget

Step 5: Once you have completed with the customization, Click on GET CODE button.

google plus widget

Step 6: You will get a code which work on java supported platforms.

Step 7: Copy the code and navigate to your Widget Setting on the Blog’s Admin Panel

Appearance -> Widget Settings -> Text.

google plus widget

Step 8: Place the Text button anywhere on the side panel and paste the code onto it.

Text editor Customizing

Now you can serve your Google Plus Live Feeds to your Blog readers 🙂

google plus widget

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 Thanks for reading and i hope this have helped you to integrate Google Plus Live Feeds to your WordPress Blog or Website. Please Share this article in Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to let your friends know about it.

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