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How To Create a Blog ? Some Benefits of Blogging

Blog is the place where you share information about you or the titles you like and wish to share with others. Being an internet user (or a frequent user) it will be better, if you have your own blog registered, up and running with few updates. Yes, it is not necessary to write what your likes and dislikes all the time 🙂 ofcourse you cannot do it all the time. Rather you can write some news, opinions, suggestions about a product and so on. Blog enables every netizen, the rights to talk through the content they write in the blog. Blogging has so many benefits. Like to point out few of them right now.

i) Improvement in Communication and Writing skill.

ii) New Friends and community connections through WWW.

iii) Most important one is, blogging gives you money in an absolute legal way. (There are people who totally makes their living with a blog or website. Eg: Lisa – 2create a website, AmitAgarwal – Labnol and so many… )

Why i am using the term “legal” is because, we have so many other options to make money in internet today. Finding the right set of money making option is very tough. Scammers are the main problem who steal the money from you easily with advertisements etc., I would recommend wordpress as a blogging platform rather than Blogspot. Check out the following articles to get more idea about the blog creation and goal setting to drive more traffic to your blog.

Create your first blog in wordpress – Part 1 – The tutorial to help the newbie bloggers to understand how to create a blog using wordpress and to start writing the first article.

Create your first blog in wordpress – Part 2 – This totally uses the CPanel to make you understand the steps to host your blog from the scratch. Steps to install plugins and themes also discussed.

Blogging Goals for the Year 2010 – Setting up the goals are very important for a blogger after 6 months of blogging minimum. Even new bloggers can start to setup their goals for keeping a track on their performance every month.

Make More Money With Your Free Image Hosting WebsiteImage Hosting websites usually drive huge traffic than blogging sites. So after few months time of blogging starting of additional business plans would be a great choice to stabilize and increase the earnings. Check out the tips to start your own image hosting website.

Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Free Image Hosting or Wallpaper Site – Once you started with the image hosting website you must let your friends and www users know about it. In this article you will see such possible emarketing plans to boost your site traffic.

Once you selected your blog name, you may proceed writing contents that suites your blog name (or niche). Keep on writing contents and never give a stop signal to your thoughts. You will see people started visiting you new blog without advertising in any areas. This is not to say, you are done. You should always focus on constant writing of contents and improving the blog by customizing it in a better way. Do subscribe for our News Feeds (in right side of this screen) to get our upcoming articles regarding Monetization of a Blog. Happy Blogging !

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