How to increase 100+ twitter followers a day ?

As an yearly hit the word twitter was declared as the most popular word of the year 2009 . The population of people to use this short messaging service to share their status and links made twitter more popular among the internet users.

Bloggers use this to share their articles to the twitter followers. I have got 100+ followers within a day all i did was

1.Visit the top blogs and follow the bloggers, also follow their followers.

2.Spend about 30 mins in visiting all others blogs and tweet their articles, after reading the article. Your followers are the people who like the contents you post normally.

3.You may use Tweetdeck kind of application to integrate your twitter and facebook accounts. If you are looking for webbased such tool then Hootsuite is always there to do the same job.

4. Comment on blog posts if you like them. The more you interact with online community using your twitter profile id then its a best way to increase followers too. Because many blogs today have integrated some type of commenting system like Disqus or IntenseDebate. So its easy to link your twitter profile as the user name to comment in such blogs.

5. If you have a blog of your own then install the tweetmeme widget to your blog.

Don’t know how to install twitter widget ? See this post for installing in your wordpress or blogger blogs.

You are now done ! You can see the live increase in the followers on your profile. You can see my twitter profile to find some good followers for you.Keep using twitter and increase your followers , You can also earn a lot by tweeting the posts .

Be a Tweet master !!! Keep Tweeting

Article by Anand Subramanian, he is a blogger and technology enthusiast.

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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  1. Agree with you, people start following you when you keep on retweeting their articles but I guess daily 100 followers is bit tough.
    Nice tips.

  2. Great to follow the tips have been mentioned here to gain more twitter followers. But at the same time we should catch the followers from the area in which we are on.

    1. Yes Aminjan .. We need to follow tech enthusiast n bloggers to raise the count drastically

  3. Thanks for your comment Ruchi Parikh .. Yeah i have written this article after influencing with my twitter .

  4. Yes Aminjan .. We need to follow tech enthusiast n bloggers to raise the count drastically

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