How to Increase Domain Authority of your Blog ?

For the most reliable calculation of any website to make it to top ranks in search engines, Domain Authority or DA is the key. Keeping Domain Authority above the value of 35 translates into a meaningful presence in search engine ranks. Basically, a Domain Authority is a metric measure listing all the root domains directing to varying pages on your website instead of showing the links navigating to your website’s homepage.


Thus, having a number of links pointing to different pages of your website is more valuable than having all the links directing to your homepage. Domain Authority rank is a result of not merely the root domains rather a number of factors like root domains, mozRank, total number of links etc., are combined.

2 Methods to Enhance Domain Authority

Build Backlinks:

To create an authoritative blog or website, give each aspect equal importance with considerable effort to link inner pages strongly with each other. You must put struggle in creating authority for each page while you optimize each one of them for the keywords those pages target. You must show Google your website is not just about the homepage or popular pages in fact, all pages are important. This means our focus is to create a number of back links from internal pages to appear visible to Google and for a better SEO.

Domain authority for a long run is all about the extent of trust you create within the pages. Here are a few tips to achieve this goal:

  • Use common keywords to build connections within internal pages.
  • Use backlinks, as many as relevantly possible. If you are writing about a certain topic that relates to another topic you have already written about then send backlinks to your earlier topic from the current one.
  • Use links to connect your external pages as well including your homepage, about us, Advertise and other places where it is absolutely logical to send a link back to your web page internal pages.
  • Avoid utilizing similar keywords for building links to external pages instead add variation for anchor text links and keywords.
  • High quality links from external websites matter a lot. So try using the keyword phrases to get these links.
  • Ensure all your links are relevant, needed and functional when they appear on your host page.

Focus on Content Quality

All bloggers as well as website owners have experienced Google’s emphasis on high quality content for a better rank on the results page. This might appear to have no connection with Domain Authority which is incorrect. Following Google Panda update, a considerable number of websites went down owing to poor quality content on their websites. When you have good quality content, external websites find it useful to build links to your website or share your content on other websites giving you more of these valuable backlinks. Hence, it is always good to have links that direct back to your website.

In addition, other factors also play their role in measuring your Domain authority along with managing your content quality:

  1. Do not copy other’s content.
  2. Come up with your own unique piece of writing.
  3. Give fresh information to the readers.
  4. Use only relevant keywords avoid loading your website with unnecessary ones.
  5. Double check for grammar and spelling mistakes.
  6. Do not hesitate to write a lengthy article making sure it has exciting information.
  7. Keep the content writing targeted at readers and not the search engines.
  8. Let users know clearly regarding the relevant content and make your post valuable.
  9. Keep your website away from excessive ads and promotional links. It repels others.
  10. Avoid making mistakes with Meta descriptions and title tags. These are small issues having a huge impact.

These are not the only metrics to make your blog more traffic-attracting. Like they say keep your friends close but your enemies closer, in this case keep an eye on your competitor blogs to see what makes their blog better than yours. Utilize those ideas and keep the content rich in quality. Another way to increase authority is to make relevant video tutorials and posting them on relevant places. Do not forget to write a transcript to your video and share it on proper video hosting websites like Vimeo, YouTube and others.

Here is another video to understand Page Authority and Domain Authority even better.



By this article you can learn that authority is quality and to increase authority you have to concentrate on quality. Not only quality of content is important to achieve your goal, but also quality backlinks are important. So, just start focusing on quality to get to the peak of success.

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