HOW TO: Promote Your URL with Social Bookmarking Effectively ?

There are many ways to promote a website. If you want good traffic and lots of commercial activities at your website then there is need to use most of them. Any successful search engine optimization agency takes on many trial and error methods to promote a URL. They will know which techniques work the best for websites. As a business owner you will understand the importance of climbing to the first page of Google, not in a year’s time but quicker than that. Social bookmarking is an important SEO tool that can give quick results in terms of your page rankings. If social bookmarking is used effectively you will be able to expand your online business significantly.

social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is very similar in concept to saving some pages on your web browser. Only difference in this process is that instead of saving the web pages in your local computer, these bookmarks are saved in a website. It allows the freedom to access sites from anywhere given the fact you have Internet access. This means when you save something as a social bookmark nothing will erase it, even when there is virus in your computer. The bookmarks can be retrieved from the websites anytime. Social bookmarking and SEO are very closely related. They have high prospects in alleviating the rankings of a website. Bookmarking has become a very popular concept and is being used by a large number of Internet users. Google spiders also support social bookmarking. It is a supplementary process of SEO.

As search engine optimization agency experts would suggest: when you are looking to use social bookmarking there is need to perform the task effectively. There is absolutely no sense in bookmarking a page without any reason. If you do such acts the social bookmarking providers will delete your membership right away. It is also of no use to bookmark a website in your page which is of no use to your visitors. You can privately bookmark such pages and save them. While bookmarking make sure that you leave short comments that are true and good.

Another important aspect of social bookmarking is to use keywords and tags while creating the bookmark. This is a very helpful technique as most users will be entering searches by the popular keywords and when they get results they will also pay a notice to the tags. So you should use some of the pertinent keywords, which have been provided to you by keyword research of SEO professionals. Then again do not flood your comments or bookmarks with keywords. Make them believable too.

Many SEO professionals fill the social bookmarking sites with multiple copies of the same website. This will be considered as spamming by the bookmarking service providers and will get you blacklisted. You should try and select most relevant pages which you would like to promote and then bookmark them.

Social bookmarking can yield immense benefits when done properly, so you should always try to get this work done by a reputed search optimization agency. Professionals at such agencies know the right ways to promote your website and earn significant improvement in your page rankings.

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  1. Ihave studied the same article from so many blogs but this is one of the best according to my perspective.

  2. Yes i agree to all your points here, social book marking will greatly help out a website in driving good traffic and page indexing will also be easier and quicker in google. Thanks for the share.

  3. There is no doubt that social bookmarking is one of the fast and
    great tool to promote any URL or page effectively, there are some people
    say that social bookmarking is now less important, but after read your post i am quite sure that they don’t have knowledge about social bookmarking’s worth.

  4. The social media landscape is cannot be denied this time. It’s growing fast. When I do bookmarking campaigns, I make sure that on the title of my bookmark the keyword/s will be included as well as in the taggings.

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