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8 SEO Tips for New Bloggers and Webmasters

SEO, the word which disturb bloggers, has been disturbing and will keep disturbing always. The experienced bloggers manage to take the word SEO under their control, but what about the newbies ? Well, when I was newbie i also felt like being trapped in the bad situation in blogging just because of SEO. So that it does not happen with anyone else, therefore I decided to create this port in which I am going to write about some of the best SEO tips for newbies. So let’s have a look.

seo tips

This article gives you a better overview of Search Engine Optimization ways that beginners should consider. For more specific tools, do use search feature in the top right corner of this page. We have recommendation of seo tools that works pretty well to see results.

Use Plugins

Well, as the trend of using plugins is at its best, so you don’t need to do anything of your own. You can automate the work by using plugins. There are many plugins relate to blogging, which you can use to ease the SEO work of your blog.

Unique Content

Content is king, it was king and it will always be king. So better focus on content. Search engines gives value to content first and then any SEO work.

Link Building

Links are necessary for you to get your site on top of the search results. As a beginner you can build the links by commenting on other blogs. If you think that you can write some high quality work then you can go for the guest posting feature as well.

Read Articles Related To SEO

SEO is the thing related to internet and you can learn it on the internet itself. You must keep reading topics related to SEO. These articles will give you the idea about What SEO is and How you can use it to get more traffic to your blog.

Participate In SEO Forums

There are many open forums related to SEO, which you can join to get the knowledge of SEO. There are many professional bloggers as well who take part in the forums and you can learn a lot from them.

seo traffic

Submit Sitemap

Sitemap is important for every blog. It is used to tell search engines to crawl your website. You can use the plugins made for this purpose to create and submit sitemap to Google.

Connect With Other Bloggers

To get perfection in any work, you need the guidance. In the blogging the guidance can be provided by the experienced bloggers only. So you should make connection with other bloggers. You can find a no. of experienced bloggers on the social networking sites like Facebook. These bloggers are always ready to help others and you will really get benefit from them.

Don’t Give Up

This is the most ongoing problem with all the newbie’s. They just wait for some time, make only few efforts and then start making efforts. Blogging and hence SEO is not that kind of task that will give you results just because of few attempts. These attempts may be very big task for you, but ask other experienced bloggers, that how much hard work they done in their early blogging career. The answers will clear everything.

SEO is not too tough. It is the large no. of spam articles which is making the task tough day by day. They are just for the sole purpose to earn from their own blogs. You just keep focus on the quality work. Hope you liked the work. For any doubt or query, please drop your valuable comments   in the comment section below and let us allow to serve you with maximum capability.

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Author bio: Rajkumar Jonnala is a full time SEO Blogger and has number of blogs related to health, technology, education, travel in which one of the best is PHP Training In Hyderabad and PHP Training

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