Five Things You Need to Know about SEO

For those of you reading this that may be new to the world of internet marketing, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the foundation behind the success of many websites and articles.

The ultimate goal of any Internet marketer or website owner is to generate traffic and most of  this traffic is sent through search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Website ranking is so important to consider when you plan or started a website to make money online.

Search Engine Optimization

No SEO Means Low Visibility

Without SEO integration to your website or articles, you’re finished piece will have minimal visibility behind the billions of other websites that are currently operating on the Internet today. No matter how beautiful your website is, how great your products or services are or even how well you have written the articles for your website, without proper SEO integration, traffic is extremely hard to generate. This means that you must seek to educate yourself and equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to great SEO into all your marketing practices.

Do Your Keyword Research

Now I know it is all very well talking about the need for SEO, but without adequate keyword research, your SEO ventures are sadly going to fail. Keyword research is necessary to workout how many searches per month are made on one particular term or phrase and it is through these results that you gain a competent understanding as to what words you need to integrate into your sites and articles. There are both long and short tail keywords and also something known as LSI keywords which are simply words that are closely related to the main keyword in which you are targeting.

Use the Correct Keyword Density

One of the biggest mistakes that fresh Internet marketers make when discovering the power of SEO is to simply stuff their articles and websites with their targeted keyword in the hope that Google’s little spiders and search bots will find their website first. This is a mistake that I made in the beginning and if you are not careful with proper keyword density, Google can actually flag your website or articles about as nothing more than a spamming campaign.

Don’t Forget Your META Tags

There was a time when meta-tags were considered one of the most important aspects of SEO integration. Today meta-tags are simply used for discovering the content on your website and Google or Yahoo’s search bots do not use meta-tags as a way to rank your website. Meta-tags are however still an important part of SEO integration today and are effectively used as title tags and description tags.

Use Simple HTML

To be noticed by search engines, it is adamant that your website is scripted in HTML to be noticed. Whilst there are in fact languages such as Java and flash search bots unfortunately have a difficult time finding your website if it consists of little HTML language. So remember, no matter how your website looks and how many hours, weeks or months you have spent creating it, without proper SEO integration using HTML, traffic generation is extremely difficult. If you are looking for a standalone software to manage all your SEO works and Monitor it effectively, then try out SEO Powersuite Coupon Code where we have 150$ huge savings on your purchase as well.

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  1. Good one, David! Very helpful to new bloggers. About the keyword search, I ‘d like to add that Google Adwords has helped me a lot in focusing on the right niche for my affiliate marketing. It’s free and easy to use.

  2. I do recommend that doing keyword research before optimizing the site. Every one has to target at least two to three keywords in the article and back linking them with one of your most popular article which is bring ranked by the keyword.

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