ios 17 features leaks compatibility

iOS 17 Leaked Features & Compatibility, Don’t Fall for Fake Leaks

Apple will release iOS 17 developer preview during WWDC 2023. iOS 17 release date to all iPhones will happen by mid or end of September. iOS 17 Leaked features recently you read on Twitter and Blogs could be Fake Leaks. Apple has followed the developer…

fix blank red notification dot appstore

How to Fix the Blank Red Notification Dot on your iPhone?

Are you noticing a blank red notification dot on your iPhone? Looking for a way to fix it? Don’t worry; I will help you fix your iPhone’s blank red notification dot in this article.  iOS traditional notification dots are a more advanced notification delivery method….

homepod 1 vs 2 comparison

HomePod 2 vs 1 – Comparison, 10 Differences You Should Know

Apple HomePod 2 and HomePod 1 Look precisely the same. But a lot has changed. In this HomePod 2 vs 1 Comparison, We will see 10 Differences you should know before buying. When Apple released HomePod, I ordered one and was surprised by its audio…

apple tv remote disconnecting frequently

Apple TV Remote Disconnect Frequently, Any Fix?

Apple TV and Apple TV 4K users reported that their Remote disconnects frequently. Many took this issue to Twitter, and we can see the problem is widespread. If you are experiencing a similar situation, let’s quickly know any troubleshooting steps to help fix this problem….

call failed error messages iphone

How to Fix “Call Failed” on your iPhone?

Are you experiencing frequent Call Failed Error messages on your iPhone? We are going to try some troubleshooting steps today to fix the problem. There are several reasons why you are getting call frequently failed on your iPhone. I was frustrated after trying to make…

whatsapp inc google llc apple inc iphone storage

WhatsApp Inc, Google LLC What are these in my iPhone Storage?

Wondering why you are seeing WhatsApp Inc, Google LLC, Instagram Inc, and Apple LLC consuming so much Storage Space on your iPhone or iPad? For some people, it may be a few MBs, and for some, it could be GBs. Don’t worry; let’s quickly see…

iphone camera webcam mac

Using iPhone Camera as a Webcam on Mac? Things You Should Know

The time has come. We can use our Powerful iPhone Camera as a Webcam with Macbook. Works on iMac, Mac mini, and Mac Studio as well. Things you should know before you start using iPhone Camera as Webcam with your Mac computer. With Continuity Camera,…

fix set automatically greyed out date time iphone ipad

Fix “Set Automatically” Greyed Out in Date and Time Settings

How to Fix “Set Automatically” is Greyed Out in Date and Time Settings on iPhone and iPad? Unable to set the exact time according to your time zone? Don’t worry. It’s not only you facing issues with the greyed-out problem. Recently, most iPhone and iPad…