how to fix update-apple id settings error iphone ipad

Fix Update Apple ID Settings Error in iPhone and iPad?

It must feel like, you are stuck in an Endless loop in an attempt to Update Apple ID Settings. I felt the same and here is a fix for update apple id settings error in iPhone and iPad. I think, it could be some strange…

fix iphone overheating problem

How to Fix iPhone OverHeating Problem?

iPhone is awesome to hold until, it starts to feel like a hot piece of metal. There are few easy to follow methods to Fix iPhone Overheating issues. Build quality is one thing i really love about Apple iPhone. Its sturdy and beautiful. No doubt…

fix whatsapp dark mode not working

WhatsApp Dark Mode Not Working, How to Fix?

If you are one among the unlucky person who haven’t got WhatsApp Dark mode yet in your iPhone, then don’t worry. The methods i have tried and suggested to my friends did work. WhatsApp Dark Mode enabled in their iPhone and its working gorgeously. One…

ios14 compatible iphone ipad

List of iOS 14 Compatible iPhones and iPads Leaked

The moment apple releases an iPhone, rumour mill will start spinning to bring out leaks and rumours about the next year releases. List of iOS 14 compatible iPhones and iPads is here with a big twist. Ofcourse it’s a leaked data, but high possibility to…

apple lost 500 million dollar lawsuit

iPhone Users can Claim $25 after Apple Lost in Battery Throttling Case

Apple iPhone Users (not everyone or every iPhone model user) can claim $25 by filing a claim as apple have lost its case in court for Battery Throttling issue. The case was in court for almost 2 years and the verdict came just couple of…

iphone se 2 price

Apple iPhone SE 2 Price may Start from $399

One of the most expected Apple Product of the decade, iPhone SE 2 will be released in March 2020. So far all the leaks and rumors are pointing to the imminent release of iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9. But no information about its Pricing….

iphone 12 pro new design leaks

Apple iPhone 12 Design Leaked, Once Again [Video]

Rumors and Leaks about iPhone 12 are not new. It has started even before iPhone 11 (2019) official release in the beginning of 2019. I am really excited to see an iPhone 12 or 2020 iPhone with iPhone 5 like design. Flat Sides or Chamfered…

create mac os catalina usb

How to Create macOS Catalina USB Bootable Drive?

Apple has released mac OS 10.15 Catalina to Mac users. You can now download mac OS Catalina by going to Mac App store. Before downloading, you must remember to Create mac OS catalina USB Bootable drive. A very important tip you should remember is, Once…