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Joomlashack University is an online, interactive multimedia tutorial course designed specifically for people who are new to Joomla or who may not know anything about building websites. Learning joomla all by your own is not that much easy as you thought. The tutorials, online training manuals you find online can become helpless when you face some critical component errors or php errors. Get your joomlashack discount voucher 2010 here.

If you have a plan to start your web developer business focusing on PHP, CMS, Blogs and so on, then joomla can satisfy all your requirements with its modules, components and plugins. Now you dont have to worry about learning worlds number one content management system software Joomla.

Enroll yourself in the online joomla training with 7 Days money back guarantee.

The Video Tutorials designed are very friendly to even people who are totally new to Joomla. No high tech jargons used and the simple demonstrations can make you curious on building your own joomla content management site side by side. When you face any problems, then the support is always there from the Joomla Expert Team. Joomlashack trainers are very much expert in joomla and have 5+ years of experience with Joomla content management system. They themselves designed the whole joomla training system to make your learning much easier.

By using the 7 Days money back guarantee you will enjoy the whole learning process with full of fun. Joomla is only easy if you get a good guidance on its customization from the joomla experts. Get joomlashack discount voucher here.

Joomlashack University Beginner and Intermediate courses are the first of many to be offered through our online training site. If you want to build successful Joomla websites, here’s why investing in a subscription to Joomlashack University is the best way to begin your Joomla journey!

  • You’ll need zero knowledge of creating websites to quickly have your own site up on the web
  • You’ll save dozens and dozens of hours of your time
  • You can ask questions directly to top Joomla expert instructors
  • Minimize your frustration as you travel the Joomla learning curve
  • We tie everything together for you, making Joomla extremely easy to learn
  • You’ll learn the basics of Joomla plus several other critical tools needed to create a website
  • Learn by watching easy-to-absorb narrated movies and reading clear, step-by-step written tutorials with photos
  • You can absorb the information at a pace that’s comfortable for you
  • No need to pay a web designer hundreds of dollars each year… do things yourself.
  • You’ll get a professional, commercial Joomlashack template FOR FREE as part of the course – a $47 value!

[Sample Video Lession]

You can relax and sign up for Joomlashack University risk-free. You’ll have a full week to check things out and go through as many lessons as you like. If after that time you don’t feel you’re getting the kind of learning benefits you had hoped for, then you can proceed for refund.

Benefits of joining in Joomlashack University:

1. You’ll be able to build Joomla websites fast

2. You’ll save loads of time

3. You’ll save lots of money

4. You’ll be taught everything you need, nothing else required

5. You’ll be empowered to take full advantage of the Joomla CMS

6. You’ll get top-notch help when you need it

7. You’ll be getting the big picture

8. You’ll be getting the best deal around to learn Joomla

9. You’ll learn from the best Joomla Teachers


JoomlaShack University and I are great friends. We see  one another almost every day. If I need a little top-up on a technique  for Joomla, K2, JomSocial… Forest Linden’s excellent video  training is so thorough, easily understood and informative. I download  the transcripts, print them and bind them, giving me a great ready reference.

I’d recommend JoomlaShack University to beginning Joomla users and more experienced ones. You can always reinforce what you know – or think you know! Thanks

JoomlaShack for great online training.”

– Jan T Baillie – Joomlashack University Student

You can check tons of positive feedbacks and testimonials in the official joomlashack website. Do let us know here via comment below once you joined in the joomlashack university. We will be happy to write a free review of the first website you design for your client or for you.

Joomlashack also provides Joomlashack Templates, Joomlashack Extentsions, Joomlashack WordPress Templates and Joomlashare Drupal Templates.

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    1. So far i got good feedback who actually purchase Joomlashack University Training kit. Great ignition to begin your web developer business using Joomla CMS.

      Thanks for your comment. Cheers.

      – Robin

  1. Oh, it’s just super. That means I can now explore the joomla!!! I have a blog on WordPress, but I really wanted to make a site on joomla, she has a great potential for the realization of ideas. Thanks for the good news!

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