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CompTIA is a non-profit trade association and a main provider of professional certifications for the global information technology (IT) industry. Today, we are happy to Giveaway CompTIA A+ Certification Voucher today, that is worth of $194 for one lucky winner. Certification Courses always add more value to your Resume and increases the job opportunity. Getting certified by a recognized Training Academy will be an added advantage. CompTIA is a very popular Training and Certification academy for many years.

Job Seekers around the world have taken CompTIA certification courses online and offline to become expert on various skill sets and increase the chance of getting inside big companies and organizations.

comptia certification giveaway

It is very important to be strong in basics whenever we try for some Job Interviews. CompTIA offers Certification and Training from Basics to Advanced level of skill sets. Their E-learning courses help students, employees and others to learn at their own time pace with audio, lesson activities and additional resources to make the training interesting and very useful.

CompTIA A+ Certification Giveaway

Before giving the giveaway news and information, i like to highlight some essential points that you must read to know, who should take A+ Certification and what are the benefits you will get by becoming A+ Certified Professional.

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If you are working or planning a career in one of the professions listed below, CompTIA A+ certification is for you:

  1. Technical support specialist.
  2. Field service technician.
  3. IT support technician.
  4. IT support administrator.
  5. IT support specialist.

CompTIA A+ certification covers numerous technologies and operating systems from such vendors as Microsoft, Apple, Novell and some Linux distributions. The A+ exam is intended for information technology professionals who have the equivalent of 500 hours of hands-on experience. This includes working with interrupt requests and direct memory access and performing practical computer repair, such as the installation and repair of hard drives, network cards, modems, CPUs, PDAs, power supplies and printers.

The exams are computer-based and composed of multiple-choice questions. To find IT exam training materials, view sample exam questions or purchase a voucher, please visit our IT certifications page.

Why Get CompTIA A+ Certified?

With IT job openings being created faster than trained people can be found to fill them, IT training is the best way to open the door to a higher salary and career fulfillment.

You should get IT certified because it will:

  1. Validate your knowledge and skills.
  2. Help you remain competitive and employable.
  3. Give you job proficiency more quickly.
  4. Show dedication to your career.

There were almost 2,000,000 unfilled IT jobs globally in a variety of industries in March 2014, this according to a study by Trained and certified IT professionals are needed worldwide.

CompTIA A+ Certification Giveaway

We have selected the Winner for CompTIA A+ Certification Voucher Giveaway, that is worth $194.

and the Winner is …

Congratulations to Joel Mack. You will be receiving CompTIA A+ Voucher in your email after your confirmation.

If you have participated and didn’t won this time, don’t worry. We will be giving away more Vouchers and Licenses in coming days. To receive our exclusive Giveaway Only Newsletter subscribe at our dailytut giveaway page. We promise you, there will be no Spam or other emails you will receive from us. Our Newsletter is powered by Mailchimp.

Alright, lets quickly the steps you should do to register your participation for this CompTIA A+ Certification Giveaway. There are no lengthy process to follow. Simply do the following 3 simple social sharing and commenting activities to complete your participation.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest Start Date: 05/10/2015

Contest End Date: 05/17/2015

Giveaway Details: One Lucky Winner will be selected and we will contact the winner via email. Based on confirmation we will send the CompTIA A+ Certification Voucher worth $194 and details to claim the offer.

All the best and thanks for your participation. You have made a brilliant choice today by participating in a giveaway that adds true value to your Resume and Career. Winning the giveaway or not, have a look at the Certification and Training offered by CompTIA Academy at their official website. Add more skills to your resume and be successful in your career. To get regular updates and news about our Giveaways, consider subscribing to our exclusive Giveaway Newsletter on the linked page.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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  1. Believe me, this is the best gift ever.
    I was just buying resources/study material for three exams one being CompTia & other two being Adobe Certifications.

    Truly obliged by this (at least you have put this giveaway). Which i so much hope will win.

    Best of luck to all 🙂

  2. I’m a techie designer. I will go for Microsoft and Cisco courses in few months. I’m really excited to get a CompTia opportunity

  3. I have not taken a certification exam – though if I was not self employed I would seriously consider it. My bottom line is the best measure of my skills, and I am unlikely to give myself a raise because of passing a certification.

  4. I’ve never taken an exam, though I am working in the field. my boss has no certs either. it’s gonna be awkward if I et them before him.

  5. Took and passed the 701, but i failed the 702 by like 7 points. I took the test the last day the 701 and 702 test were valid. So now i have to do both both 801 and 802 tests. I was really frustrated since it used up my school voucher and now i have to pay to retake the test.

  6. I have not taken any certification tests before. In high school I was supposed to receive a voucher to take the test but did not receive the voucher until after the expiration date.

  7. I actually have taken my 801 A+ and passed. Right now I am studying for the 802 A+ exam so I can get the full certification.

  8. I’ve already received my 220-801, and am currently in the process of studying for my 802. This opportunity would be so beneficial in helping me achieve my IT goals!

  9. I took the Network+ and passed. I am currently applying to a new Desktop Engineer position that requires that I get the A+ within 90 days. 1/3 of the way thru studying already.

  10. could definitely use this…..worked in IT for over 11.5 yrs without any certs. OTJ and self taught…..

  11. Am looking to get my A+ cert very soon. Just took the practice questions and got 11/14 without any studying (previous hands on experience)

  12. I’ve taken the prep courses but not the A+ certification. Now I wish I’d taken it then because it would be good forever and not just 3 years.

  13. I’m network+ certified and want to get A+ now also. Already about halfway finished studying (done with the 801 material, started in on 802)

  14. Earning my A+ got me my first job in the IT industry, without it I don’t know where I would be now.

  15. I haven’t taken the test before but I’m studying now. Hoping to take it by the end of the year. I’m a Technology Resource Specialist at a library and am eager to enhance my skills/knowledge.

  16. I never took the CompTIA training before, when I took my Network+, i studied by myself and i passed it! I think that the exam was very fair, all the questions were related to the content that CompTIA website provided. Now I am planning on taking the A+ but I will wait a while because I don’t have the money to pay for both 801 and 802 exams.

  17. I haven’t done any of the tests before, but I’m hoping getting my A+ certification will help me get into the IT world! Studying now and hoping to get it by the end of the year.

  18. Got the A+ and Net+ last month they were perpetual. Would love to get these updated to the latest versions.

  19. I haven’t gone through any of the training but I have taken the Security+ certification test. I would love to only have to pay for one of the vouchers.

  20. I have not taken any of the test but i plan on taking the a+ exam after i am done preparing for it with the courses i am taking at pierce college.

  21. I have not taken a test yet. I have taken courses over the subject and been studying for it so this will be my first cert in a line of many. I plan on doing N+ and S+ after this test.

  22. I haven’t taken any trainings or certification exams, I’m a fresher systems engineer. Now I’m really interested in the certifications offered by compTIA specially the security+ and looking forward in the near future to take this certifications if I have enough money. It would be great to have this A+ certification voucher.

  23. I’ve been searching for an IT support job for months without success, being A+ certified would definitely boost my chances!

  24. I’ve had no CompTIA training before, I was unaware of its existence until recently! As it stands I’ve been searching for an IT support job for months without success, being A+ certified would definitely boost my chances!

  25. A+ Done working on network + ,will most likely take the exam in the next week or so then security + next on the hit list


  26. I am sharing this with friends to spread the word. Thank you for the opportunity and I hope you choose me!

    1. Hello Ashley, the test isn’t difficult, I actually didn’t do half bad for someone who hadn’t studied or looked at the information since I graduated.

  27. I took the first part of the certification before! I just want the money to pay off the second part.

  28. Hello all, my name is Clarence Jones, and I actually took a course geared towards the A+ certification test in undergrad. I have taken the 220-801 once and didn’t do good on it. But I am taking it again at the end of this month.

  29. Nice information about CompTIA network certification exams. Now a days most of organization need our information secured from unauthorized access so every organization required networking professionals. This information really helpful for networking learners

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